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12 Famous Celebrities and their Instagram Dogs and Cats

  • August 2, 2017
  • By MaggieLovesOrbit

I’m certain that the dogs of the rich and famous have better lives than we do.  They jet set and are lavished with gifts.  Never ending bacon supply?  Most likely.  So if you’re an avid dog … or cat lover … check out these the celebrity pets who have their own Instagram accounts.


Famous Parent:  Miley Cyrus
Instagram Style:  Studio cat and part time pirate
Followers: 113K

A post shared by Shanti Om Bb (@shantiombb) on

Famous Parent:  Paris Hilton
Instagram Style:  Best dressed pets in the world with their own #doggymansion
Followers 103K

Famous Parent:  Kylie Jenner
Instagram Style:  Sassy since birth and ready to be on the cover of Dogue
Followers: 463K


A post shared by Gary Fisher (@garyfisher) on

Famous Parent:  Carrie Fisher
Instagram Style:  Princess Leia had a dog and his name is Gary.  #garymisseshismom
Followers: 140K


A post shared by Wacha Cohen (@therealwacha) on

Famous Parent:  Andy Cohen
Instagram Style:  Patient and loyal dog child that helps other shelter dogs get adopted
Followers: 215K


A post shared by @nachoflay on

Famous Parent:  Bobby Flay
Instagram Style:  Gourmet and foodie cat that knows his way around the kitchen
Followers: 121K


Famous Parent:  Marc Jacobs
Instagram Style:  Famous designer dog who schmoozes with famous talent like Kendall Jenner.  Oh and he has his own private plane too.
Followers: 206K


A post shared by Finn Seyfried (@finnsite) on

Famous Parent:  Amanda Seyfried
Instagram Style:  Bacon balancing, witty and king of captions
Followers 53K


Famous Parent:  Lady Gaga
Instagram Style:  Throws pool parties in Malibu and Coachella
Followers 238K


Famous Parent:  Karl Lagerfield
Instagram Style:  Larger than life, more famous than her dad
Followers: 100K


A post shared by Olive Beckham (@olivebeckham23) on

Famous Parent:  David Beckham
Instagram Style:  Likes to cuddle and play fetch
Followers: 77K


A post shared by @cairothekat on

Famous Parent:  Macklemore
Instagram Style:  Wise and wide eyed
Followers: 77K

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By MaggieLovesOrbit, August 2, 2017
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