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15 Reasons why Real Dog Box Treats and Chews is the BEST subscription box you can get for your dog

  • July 12, 2018
  • By MaggieLovesOrbit
15 Reasons why Real Dog Box Treats and Chews is the BEST subscription box you can get for your dog

Maggie and Orbit LOVE their Real Dog Box.  I can tell when it’s delivered because they whine and cry at the front door until I bring it in.

No other monthly subscription box causes this much excitement and joy.  I would not give it up and I actually increased my subscription so that we receive two boxes per month.

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Hope you enjoy our boxing.  We also found another member of the Real Dog Box family do a review – his video is below.

We’ve been members since last year.  I thought I’d share 15 reasons why I think they are the best subscription box for your dog below.  Be sure to watch the video as well.  The reviewer is JJ and his channel is “Experiences with My Dog”

15 Reasons why Real Dog Box Treats and Chews is the BEST subscription box for your dog

1.  Single ingredient and not processed
2.  Naturally air-dried
3.  Sourced and made in California
4.  Hormone and antibiotic-free
5.  Made from restaurant quality meat
6.  Made fresh to order
7.  No preservatives or additives
8. No hassle free subscription.  You can skip or pause a month if you need to or cancel anytime
9.  Customize for allergies or sensitivities.  If your pup is allergic to an ingredient, let them know and they will put it on their do not send list.
10.  Variety.  They have up to 40 different items they rotate each month
11.  Add – Ons.  I love that you can add on their Super Chews
12.  Customer Service.  Bar none best customer service from a dog company out there.  You can call and text them questions about your subscription or even ask them about pet nutrition
13.  Education.  They are all about education and pet nutrition which they discuss in their daily stories.
14.  Transparency.  They don’t “white-label” their treats (buying from other sources and sticking their labels on it).  They share daily stories of treats and chews being prepared at their facility.  They also will periodically open up their offices for a tour so you can see how treats and chews are made.
15.  Drool Worthy.  The most important reason of all – the dogs LOVE these treats.  The smells are bold and vibrant.  You get the feeling that the treats are super fresh.  I guarantee your dogs will enjoy them.

You can visit their website at: Real.Dog

We hope you found this review useful.  Please consider sharing this with your friends on your Facebook walls.  or Pinterest boards.  The more we share how food can nourish our dogs, the more happy healthy dogs we’ll have!

By MaggieLovesOrbit, July 12, 2018
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