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6 Ways To Help My Dog’s Allergies Naturally

  • June 8, 2017
  • By MaggieLovesOrbit
6 Ways To Help My Dog’s Allergies Naturally

It’s officially Allergy Season here in San Diego.  Maggie’s rashes are starting to become more regular.  And now Orbit’s scratching a bit too.  Here’s what I’m doing to address their issues:

1. Food:

  • Cutting out chicken.  I’ve been feeding chicken the past 6 weeks.  Raw the first 3 and then started to cook it.   The reason why is you need about 6 weeks on a protein to eliminate it as an allergen and see how the body takes it.  Well it’s been six weeks and she’s still scratching.  This last week I had also made a batch of bone broth as well as feeding chicken liver.  PLUS I also use chicken egg shells as a calcium source.
    • Symptoms signalling that there might be an allergic reaction:  Asides from the “rash” or “itching” the other symptom is their poop.  The girls had always had what appeared to be healthy bowel movements but with the chicken I noticed there would be days it smelled more – and then when I added the bone broth it got worse.
    • Store bought chicken:  I recently joined a support group of other raw feeders and I learned today that chicken sourced from the local grocery store tends to give dogs a lot of problems.   So for those that are feeding chicken – please source from a local butcher and avoid local chicken.
  • Feeding beef:  I’m going to feed them beef for the next 6 weeks.
  • Butcher’s store:  Also going to purchase the beef from a butcher’s store that purchases their meat from locally sourced farms.
  • Beef ribs for calcium:  Since I can’t give them chicken, I  will start to give them beef ribs as their source of calcium.
  • Green Tripe:  Going to start to add this as it contains calcium and good enzymes.
  • Treats:  Eliminate any treats that are processed, have color (the dye might be a trigger), and anything that has poultry.  So where does that leave me?  Either buying freeze dried raw beef treats or making some myself.

2.  Flea Treatment

  • Caved and bought Advantage:.  I used to use the natural oil spray as a flea preventative, but it occurred to me that “what if they they have a flea allergy?”  When we were at the park sitting on the grass I saw a few fleas jumping around … it’s the season for them.  So I went to PetCo to buy a box and applied it.

3.  Remove Allergens

  • Maggie’s itchy spots appear to be where she touches grass and weeds.  She’s bumpy on her belly, armpits and back legs/thighs.  Orbit’s now also starting to itch at her back legs/thighs.   Every night I’m doing a simple water rinse and every 5 or so days I’ll use their shampoo that has Chlorohexadine in it.

6 Ways To Help My Dog's Allergies Naturally4. Cleansing the itchy/hot spots

  • I purchased Betadine from a local pet store and dilute it until it’s the color of tea.  I’m adding a few drops of colloidal silver and soaking a cotton swab with it – and applying it to Maggie’s itchy spots.  In essence it’s cleaning and sterilizing the affected areas.  This morning she flared up more than usual.  I applied this on her belly and the inflammation went down 75%.

5.  Resources for learning: 

  • Just discovered this amazing blog:  Keep the Tail Wagging. I’ve poured over her articles and learned quite a few things such as:
    • How to balance our your dog’s meals
    • Warming and cooling foods
    • How to start transitioning into raw
    • The different models in raw feeding
    • Guidelines for supplements
  • I won’t link her articles here – but you can visit her website to learn on your own.  I simply wanted to share it as a resource.  Additionally you can ask to join her Facebook group where other dog moms and dog dads share their knowledge.

6.  Supplements

I tend to not add too many supplements because I want the body to learn how to balance itself.  However with the allergy season their bodies need some help to strengthen their immune system.   Three new ones that are recommended to me are:

  • Bovine colustrum for dogs.  Has several benefits – one is to help decrease allergy symptoms.  I purchased a small bottle from Amazon (Wholistic brand).  Dosage is 1/4 tsp. per day
  • Larch Tree Arabinogalactan.  To be used as a pre-biotic.  I purchased a small bottle from Amazon (Swanson Fiberaid brand).  Dosage will be 1000mg since they are less than 25 lbs.
  • Kefir Yogurt.  Trader Joe’s brand.  To be used as a probiotic.  Dosage from Dog Naturally article.
  • Omega oils.  I’m still adding the Ultra Oil Skin & Coat supplement which I order from Amazon.
  • Custom Collagen.   Honestly I just ran out of this a week ago which is why I made my own batch from chicken bones.  But the supplement I order from Amazon is made from beef.  So I placed another order.  Seems to be whenever I run out Maggie flares up.
  • Zyrtec.  I dose Maggie 1/2 pill of the regular Zyrtec.  Vet guided me on the dosage.  Also don’t buy the extended release version as that is toxic for dogs.  This helps her antihistamines deal with the allergens.

Recap on Allergies:

Allergies is when the immune system is in overdrive.  My approach to Maggie’s allergies is to heal her from the inside out.  I’m avoiding pills and shots.  And I discuss my protocol with my vet.  I have not yet done an allergy test.   But looking into one.

Disclaimer:  I’m not a vet.  And I’m learning as I go along.  Each dog is different so be sure to do your own research and approach your dog’s care with your dog’s health as a priority.6 Ways To Help My Dog's Allergies Naturally

By MaggieLovesOrbit, June 8, 2017
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