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9 Instagram Dogs with over 1 Million Followers

9 Instagram Dogs with over 1 Million Followers

Unless you’re under a rock you’re following or at least have liked a photo from an Instagram Dog.

Making it over the 1 million mark is an achievement for a select few.  I’ve rounded 9 of the most famous dogs on Instagram that you should be following.

Jiff Pom: 7 Million followers



A post shared by jiffpom ? (@jiffpom) on

It’s Doug the Pug: 3 Million followers

“‪I don’t believe in Mondays, I believe in Pugicorns‬” -Doug

A post shared by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

Marutaro: 2.6 Million Followers

Marniethedog: 2.1 Million Followers

Me & coffee (not coffee that u drink coffee da cat) @white_coffee_cat_

A post shared by Marnie The Dog (@marniethedog) on

tunameltsmyheart: 1.9 Million Followers

? I always feel like somebody’s watching me ? ? {swipe for more} ???

A post shared by Tuna {breed:chiweenie} (@tunameltsmyheart) on

harlowandsage: 1.6 Million Followers


lokithewolfdog: 1.6 Million Followers

I want to love until you and I no longer exist. * Until it is simply us. ~@darencolbert Photo: @tomparkr

A post shared by Loki (@loki_the_wolfdog) on


thiswildidea: 1.2 Million Followers

Dog likes to stick

A post shared by Theron Humphrey (@thiswildidea) on


manny_the_frenchie: 1 Million Followers

Lifeguard on duty!

A post shared by Manny The Frenchie (@manny_the_frenchie) on

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