Instagram currently only lets you use one website address for your bio.  But what do you do when you want to link to more than just one link?  The good news is you can.

Google up “how to have multiple links on instagram” and you’ll quickly find many articles promoting Linktree.  I myself used it and loved the stats that it came with.  But then it occurred to me:

“I’m sending traffic to someone else’s site.  What if I created a page on my own site that has multiple links”.

Genius Idea! (not mine though …. lets be honest someone else gave me this idea).

Create a Page on your own website.

So I created a page on my own website and gave it a very simple title: Links to Blog Posts, Favorite Stores and Instagram Guide.  

  • I hid the page so that it’s not part of the menu.
  • I used “buttons” when I formatted the page.
  • I display this link ONLY on my Instagram page.  That way when someone visits it from the mobile application it looks like clickable buttons on a phone.
  • I update it when I have new content.

The best part is that all of the traffic comes to me.  And  I can track the analytics both within WordPress and Google Analytics.  Pretty simple and took less than an hour to set up.

Screen shot of example of how to add multiple links to instagram bio
Surprised look from Maggie and Orbit