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We are happy to announce we’ve joined the Pooch Craft Team.  Why we love them:

  • Their bandanas are handmade in the USA.
  • Quality in workmanship.
  • We love the way the ends are longer and allow you to tie them.
  • So many fun colorful designs.
  • Two sides – so you can reverse it for a complementary option.
  • And we’re partial to Boston Terriers and the owner’s duo are the cutest.  Visit their Instagram by clicking on this link:  RUBI and ADEL on Instagram.  Alternatively you can visit PoochCraft’s Instagram on this link:  PoochCrafts on Instagram.

For 10% off on Etsy use MAGGIEORBIT10

Walkabout in Mission Trails

A wise girl knows her limits. A smart girl knows she has none. 💪🤣 and honestly I can see these two saying that to each other 💗🙊💗 #bestiesforlife #nationalbestfriendsday #alwaystouching . Thank you @longhaultrekkers for sharing today was National Best Friends Day! . So grateful to watch the bond between these two get stronger. They are never too far from each other. . Also tagging @gillythebugg @zoeyfrenchbulldog who we walk with (almost) daily. We love you both – see you later at the beach. . Did you know we have a blog? New blog post about ALLERGIES (my favorite topic – NOT) is up. Click on link in profile @maggielovesorbit and follow through to the latest blog post. If you have an allergy dog I’d love to connect with you and hear about your journey and tips. . The girls are wearing their @poochcrafts bandanas use the code MAGGIEORBIT10 for 10% off.

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