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Best harness for a Boston Terrier

Best harness for a Boston Terrier

Fashion and Fit – Best Harnesses for a Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers have  a deep, wide chest with ribs that are well-sprung and are carried well back to its loins. Using a harness instead of a neck collar can help our brachycephalic Boston Terriers breathe more.

We searched high and low for harnesses and found some plain jane styles from brands we won’t mention.   We just were not that excited about them … until we discovered the Frenchie Bulldog line.

We’ve been fans for a year now and honored to be a “Friendchie” which means we have exclusive access to trying on the new line each quarter before they drop.

So without further ado – here we are (dog) modeling the Fall 2017 line!  This is an exclusive sneak peak.  It has not yet released.  You stay tuned and watch their website: Frenchie Bulldog as well as their Instagram and Facebook.  The cute little Frenchie with us is non other than the Frenchie Leo CFO (Chief Fun Officer .. by the way we just made that name up) and top dog of the brand.   We can’t get enough of him and you can see why on his Instagram and his Facebook.

In all honest prior to discovering the Frenchie Bulldog line we were a one collar one leash per dog family.  And now we have fun dressing up depending on where we are going and how we’re feeling.

The harnesses are fully reversible, made of soft fabric and all of the designs are original.  You will not find these carried by another brand.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!







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