Pavlov and Instagram

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Humans are hardwired for creativity and connection.  We seek validity and intimacy.  We want to be seen. That’s why the decrease in engagement is turning the Instagram community upside down. It’s touching a nerve in our amygdala.  Often called the lizard brain (because it’s thought to be the oldest part of our brain) … [...]

My secret tool to increase engagement on Instagram

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Kind Comments - Genuine and Heartfelt Instagram held #WWIM16 worldwide this past weekend.  The them was #kindcomments And it prompted me to write a blog post about the culture of Instagram.  From the beginning they have fostered a culture of #communityfirst and they want people to #postwithintent.  Together we rise together and it's #communityovercompetition. Instagram [...]

Sneaky Squeaky Stick and Bionic Ball Review

By | September 9th, 2017|Categories: Gear Review|

Petstages by Outward Hound Toys are Durable and Withstand Two Boston Terriers The true test of durability is when a toy can withstand several weeks of play by Maggie and Orbit.  They are rambunctious and their favorite toy is whatever the other one is playing with. When Outward Hound contacted me to test and review [...]

Shadow ban freakout

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Shadow Banned - the new Witch Doctor Story meant to scare you Witch doctors symbolize the holder of secrets and spells.  You didn't truly understand how their magic worked but you were afraid of them.  Stories about their mysteries spread like wildfire and often times not grounded in any proof.  Very much like the stories about [...]

#GOFACE Photo Round Up

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We've partnered up with EarthRated on a contest to find your dog's best #GOFACE (that funny face they make when they need to go doo doo). To start things off here are a few of Maggie and Orbit's I got to #goface.  We'll be watching your entries as well to share them with the community.  Contest [...]

Chasing Sheep

By | August 21st, 2017|Categories: Training and socialization|

Hobby Herding was Fun We joined The Pet Whisperers last Saturday for a fun morning activity called "Hobby Herding".  In essence we chased sheep.  It took place on private property in Escondido.  The gentleman that hosted us breeds cattle dogs and is a herding judge.  He also happens to give lessons to those that compete in [...]

How I Train My Dog To Behave In Public

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How I train my dog to behave in public areas A well mannered dog is acceptable to bring to public places.  A dog that misbehaves is like the toddler that is crying and throwing a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store while everyone else looks on. Since I never leave home without my two [...]

Holistic and Organic Flea Treatment for the Yard and Dogs

By | August 2nd, 2017|Categories: Allergies|

90% of the Fleas Live Outside Your House in the Yard Maggie is allergic to flea bites.  She pretty much gets hives when she gets bit.  This summer it seems the fleas are everywhere.  They are at the park, on trails, and outside.  But I had no idea just how much of them could [...]

Where I found the Steampunk Goggles for my Dogs

By | July 20th, 2017|Categories: Creative, Gear Review|

Before Orbit ... I wanted goggles for Maggie.   And I found these doggles on Amazon. We had ideas of bringing her along on motorcycle rides.  But Maggie hated the sound of the motorcycle.  And having her in a dog backback along for the ride is not safe. So we ditched that idea. But I got [...]

Buck Moon Pack Hike with Real Pet Food

By | July 16th, 2017|Categories: Dog Friendly San Diego, Meet Ups, San Diego, Training and socialization|

Pack Hike during a Full Moon? Yes Please Saw this invite on Real Pet Food and after reading their event invite we were excited to go.  As a active person and dog lover, I look for social gatherings where I can bring my dog.  But I don't randomly attend every single event.  I don't like dog [...]