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Can I Bring My Dog To Petco Park to Watch Baseball?

  • April 3, 2019
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Can I Bring My Dog To Petco Park to Watch Baseball?

You might be wondering if you can bring your dog with you to watch a baseball game at Petco Park.  I’ve done the research for you.

Are dogs allowed at Petco Park? Yes.  There are 8 semi-private dog friendly viewing area in left-center field for every Padres home game accommodating up to four people and two dogs.   Additionally once a year Petco holds the Dog Days of Summer opening up the grassy lawn to a  limited number of dogs who can join you to watch an mid-week game.    Service animals are welcome at any time in keeping with US ADA regulations.  

How much does it cost to reserve one if the 8 semi private dog friendly viewing areas?

Pricing starts at $114 for each viewing area and includes four tickets. Fans wishing to attend 10 or more games in The Barkyard have access to a Flex Membership in The Barkyard along with Padres Flex Membership benefits. For more information on Flex Membership in the Barkyard for the 2019 season, contact  619.795.5555 or

Reserve early

Reservations are taken early.  As of today all of the dog friendly seats are already booked.  You can waitlist your application for 2020 via this link: BARKYARD application.

What comes with the dog friendly seats?

  • The designated Pet Relief Area in the Park at the Park is conveniently located nearby
  • Each viewing area offers umbrellas to protect dogs from the sun and specially selected easy-to-clean artificial turf that does not retain heat, to ensure every pup’s paws stay cool.
  • The Barkyard will offer in-seat menu service
  • Designated entrance from K Street in the Park at the Park
  • Watering station near check-in
  • Padres pet concierge also will be on-hand to escort fans and their dogs to and from The Barkyard

Plan on arriving early.  Game day can be crowded which might cause stress to your dog.  Walking prior to entering the park will allow him or her to work of any anxiety as well as do their business.

2019 Opening Day

We were fortunate enough to attend Petco Park’s opening day.  Our home team the Padres were up against the San Francisco Giants.

Here are a few photos from our event:


can I bring my dog to Petco Park
can I bring my dog to Petco Park
is petco park dog friendly

We had so much fun during the game we also took some videos which you can find on our Instagram Story Highlights

When is Dog Days Of Summer?

The 2019 dates have not been announced as of yet.  Last year it was Thursday June 29.

An application is required to attend and it’s typically available mid May.

More information can be obtained via: Petco

We attended Dog Days of Summer in 2017.  You can read about our pregaming tips as well as Dog Days itself

Pregaming for Petco Park’s Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

is petco park dog friendly

What else do I need to know when I bring my dog Petco Park?

sports gear for your dog at petco

You need SWAG!  You can buy all of your dog’s needs at Petco.  Don’t be a lagger like I was and do it too late.  You need to prep a few weeks early to allow time for you to order it and arrive.  Shop your favorite sports shirts for your dogs at Petco today!

By, April 3, 2019
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