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Diggs Revol Dog Crate Review

  • April 23, 2020
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Diggs Revol Dog Crate Review

This is a sponsored post.  I tested the crate out for seven days.  All comments are my own.

Diggs Revol design, inspired by baby industry quality standards, incorporates premium materials, ergonomic easy-to-use doors, and is sturdy and durable.

Combining safety, design and performance it reimagines the standard crate to bring us the one our dog deserves.

The Claim

Diggs claims that their collapsible dog crate Revol is more beautiful, convenient, comfortable and safe than traditional dog crates.

Is it true?

Yes. When I tested out the crate I preferred it more than my existing wire crate. More importantly my dogs have also elected to use the Diggs crate more than their older wire crate.

I currently have a black wire crate that looks like a cage. I never even knew I had a choice for something different until Diggs Revol dog crate.

What really puts Revol over the edge is that I’ve been able to move it from room to room with ease – something I never did with my previous crate.

Why is this important? In most cases, dog parents set up their crate in one spot of their house and it never moves.

With Revol you can collapse it in 2 to 3 seconds, and move it from room to room, and set it up again.

Product Overview

Effortless Set Up and Break Down

Setting up the crate literally took less than five seconds.

Unboxing was easy. The crate was shipped in a collapsed state. I pulled it out of the box, lifted the round handle on top and with a quarter turn, it was locked in position, and ready to use.

I was shocked. It couldn’t have been that easy could it?

So I pulled out the instructions I verified that I had conducted the set up properly.

I tested this set up in garage and realized I needed to bring it inside.

Collapsing the crate was just as effortless. With a turn of the handle I unlocked it and the Revol crate smoothly slid down to it’s flat state so that I could roll it inside the house.

Multiple Doors and Entry Points

The Revol crate offers you two doors and three entry points. Easily adapts to the location in your home that you’re placing it.

Crate Training

I received a series of emails between the time the crate was ordered and the time that it arrived. They were short and easy to read.  They included tips and resources to crate training linking to articles and videos.

I can’t really say my dogs were fully crate trained because under the old set up the crates stayed in the dining room where they ate their meals.

But with the Revol crate my personal favorite is that I can move it from room to room so now my dogs actually use it because it’s in the same room I’m in.

I could be wrong but I think that these emails would only come if your purchased your Revol directly on their website.  I would imagine that if you purchased it on Amazon these emails would not be sent because the only thing Amazon sends is the receipt of purchase.  In this case, I would recommend you purchase your Revol crate from Diggs.


Best For

Dog parents who want a stylish and appealing crate versus one that looks like a cage.

Dog parents that prefer to have crates with multiple doors and access points.

Dog parents that want a crate that is easy to use. I love that I can easily collapse the crate with one hand in under 3 seconds.

Dog parents that like to move their crate from room to room. Why is this important?

It’s because currently most dog parents decide on which room to place the crate in and never move it.

But dogs are social animals and prefer to be in the same room as their parents.

So typically what ends up happening is you have the crate in one room and then dog beds in the other rooms.

But what if you want your dog to love their crate but your dog doesn’t get the opportunity to use it if its in the other room? And what if you really want your dog to be “crate trained” and love and use their crate.

That’s where the mobility of the Revol crate comes in.

I work out of my home so I spend a lot of time in my home office. I set up the Diggs crate in my home office and find that my two dogs are choosing the crate instead of their beds.

But outside of my “work hours” we spend a lot of time in our family room.

With Revol I am able to easily move and set it up and now my dogs can sleep in their crate while we’re hanging out.

They still have the option to cuddle with us on the sofa. But now that they have a choice, I find that they elect to nap in their crate when it’s there.

I think it feels safe and they know it’s their own special place to rest.

Not For

Those that prefer cheaper black crates and don’t mind aesthetics or design and don’t care about how easy it is to move and set up.


Price  Small $245  |  Medium $389

Stand out features

  • Easy Set Up
  • Wheels that allow you to move the crate from room to room
  • Removable tray that makes it easier to clean
  • Ceiling hatch which allows you to easily access your dog or puppy
  • Unique collapsing system that allows you to collapse it with one hand
  • Rounded corners

Size    Small: 30lb | Medium: 50lb | Large: 90lb

Shipping  1 – 2 business days

Colors Gray

Customer Ratings

  • Revol has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 394 reviews on their website.
  • Revol has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 22 reviews on Amazon

What Makes These Features Stand Out

Easy Set Up

My previous black wire crate was a bear to set up. Not only was it awkward and difficult I also felt as if my fingers could get pinched in the process. It took me about ten minutes between trying to do it myself and reading the instructions.

Almost all dog parents that have a dog wire crate never break it down. It’s set up, and it stays set up an in one place because you never want to go through that again.

With the Revol crate, the large ergonomic handle makes setting up with one hand a breeze. It literally takes 2 to 3 seconds to lift into position and lock in place.

Wheels that allow you to move the crate from room to room

Revol has wheels and because of that I’m enjoying the flexibility in moving the crate from the office to the family room.

I don’t know if many people would do what I do and move it as often as I have in one week but I wanted to see how the crate looked in each room and I wanted to witness if my dogs would choose to nap in it as opposed to the sofa or their dog beds.

The good news is YES when their safe “place” was available to them in both places, elected to nap it in instead of their dog beds.

Removable tray that makes it easier to clean

Puppy parents would appreciate the removable crate tray during the early weeks when potty training accidents happen.

In my case, in addition to daily wipe downs, I prefer to wash their trays twice a week in the sink.

If you’ve ever owned a black wire crate you know how awkward it is to get the tray in and out.

With Revol, the tray slides out easily so it’s more accessible and easy to clean.

Ceiling hatch which allows you to easily access your dog or puppy

You can easily give your dog treats through the hatch or pet your dog. This is important when you don’t want to open the doors and risk your dog wiggling out.

Unique collapsing system that allows you to collapse it with one hand

Especially handy for when you are moving or relocating the crate from room to room and going through narrow halls.

Rounded corners

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bruised myself on my old wire crate when I accidentally bumped into it.

Revols wired edges and corners are easier on your body.

Possible Drawbacks


This isn’t the brand if you’re looking for the cheapest option out there. You can find a standard black wire crate for $70.

But you’ll probably spend money on a wire crate cover, and stick the crate in an inconspicuous corner part of the house. And then your dog won’t go in it because it’s not near where you might be relaxing.

But if you have a crate that is stylish, you might not mind it being part of your home furnishings and set it up in a more prominent location in your home.

The Competition

Diggs Revol vs Merry Products Cage/Crate

Merry Products offers you a solid alternative if you’re looking for a crate that is part of your furniture lay out.

It looks less like a cage and more like a piece of furniture.

I had looked at this as an option for my family room but it only has one door and access point which was a drawback for me.

I liked that the top of it can be “furniture” and you can place things on top of it but after careful thought I realized my dogs would be traumatized if the ceiling of their secure resting spot was in a constant state of commotion .

Priced at $252 on Amazon its comparable in price to the Revol crate.

Diggs Revol vs Impact Dog Crates

Impact Dog Crates became popular due to influencer campaigns on Instagram to bring awareness to their brand. At $599 for the collapsable crate it’s almost three time the cost of the Revol crate.

Favorable reviews on Amazon indicate that this crate best for dogs that are escape artists and need a crate made out of aluminum. Also good for dogs that like to chew out of their crates.

It has a military feel to it even though you can get it in different colors.

The biggest drawback for me on this crate is it looks like a cage and it feels more like something to transport a zoo animal in, instead of a safe and secure resting place for my dog.

Diggs Revol vs Orvis

Orvis is a well known brand that offers wire crate, wooden end table crates, kennel and collapsible crates.

For this comparison I examined the travel collapsible crate.

Priced at $189 for a small, $279 for a medium and $389 for a large, the Orvis Dog Travel Crate can easily be folded in your vehicle’s cargo area; it’s sturdy enough to pile groceries and sports equipment on top.

Even though it’s not a home crate, its similar to the Revol offering multiple doors and access points so the functionality is the same. It also has rounded corners protect vehicle and home interiors. And it has built in wheels and handles.

I like that you can fold this up and move it from room to room or home to car.

It’s not as stylish as the Revol.  Pricing is similar.


Return policy

30 days and if you’re not happy with the Revol crate they offer a free return and full refund.


1 year limited warranty.

Shipping cost

Shipping rates are based on their average negotiated rates to ship to each product to each region.

Shipping carrier

Diggs ships will all domestic packages out of their US warehouse using a ground service provider ( FedEx, depending on destination and shipment size).

Can the collapsing feature cause the crate to collapse on my dog?

From their website: This has never happened in our testing or to any of our customers.

Our Revol crate has been tested to 180lbs in the center (the weakest point) without failure. Wire crates, on the other hand, can typically withstand only 50lbs of weight in the corners. The Revol also has a double-locking feature to keep the assembled parts in place, ensuring that it’s locked and secure whenever in use. In other words, the Revol crate is much stronger and therefore much less likely to collapse than standard crates.

My dog escapes from every crate I buy — how do I know this won’t happen with a Revol?

From their website:

Our Revol Crate is designed to be safer, stronger and more durable than most other dog crates, such as wire ones. It features a very durable and stiff frame made of reinforced plastic, high-strength steel mesh wire (6mm thick frame, 2mm thick interior), and strong but light aluminum. The Revol is also free of the gaps from which dogs typically escape and has door latches which are virtually impossible for them to open (unlike with wire crates). However, if your dog is not comfortable in crates or shows signs of anxiety or destructive behavior while contained, you should seek a trainer’s advice (or contact Diggs support at to discuss the best solution for your pup.

The Bottom Line

If you want a quality dog crate that looks good, is easy to use and move and one that your dog will love and seek out, then the Revol crate is for you.

I leave you with important links:

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Diggs Revol Dog Crate Review


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By, April 23, 2020
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  • Maggie Loves Orbit
    April 26, 2020

    Thank you for stopping by and reading!

  • Maggie Loves Orbit
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    Thank you for stopping by and reading!

  • Maggie Loves Orbit
    April 26, 2020

    It actually has some practical applications. When they have to be in a crate at the vet or at doggy school they aren’t freaked out by it and willingly go in for nap time.

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