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Dog Shows and Doctoral Programs

  • March 21, 2024
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Dog Shows and Doctoral Programs

I almost deleted this website but then I met someone at the dog show who mentioned she had read one of my articles and I thought, why not come back to the interwebs.

What have I been up to?

Well I added a third to our pack. Meet Bar None Mr. Higgins Swaggers With Panache! Born April 2, 2022 and now an AKC GRAND CHAMPION!

Dog Shows and Doctoral Programs

He was just over 4 pounds and shy of 12 weeks old when I brought him home.

So many life changes occurred during that time. Not only was he a bundle of energy (still is), my social media accounts were hacked, and then with all the scammers, and AI written articles and never-ending changes to Google…. I couldn’t be bothered writing.

Additionally, I went back to school to pursue my Doctorate of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Herbs and launched a Nutrition business – Daily Dog Food Recipes.

Let’s just say my hands, mind and spirit were occupied.

In any event, I wondered how I might redefine coming back to this space and I thought I would be to continue what it’s been like to now raise a third Boston Terrier, as well as continue to advocate for the breed.

Look for articles in the weeks to come. For now… I just wanted to say … Hello!!! And I’m happy to be back.

With Love,


By, March 21, 2024
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