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Don’t get scammed by a “Boston Terrier Breeder Near Me”

  • June 23, 2020
  • By
Don’t get scammed by a “Boston Terrier Breeder Near Me”

When it comes to buying a puppy, searching for a breeder using the search phrase “Boston Terrier Breeders Near Me” is the most searched phrase people use online.

But in recent times I’ve seen the rise of non-existent kennels positioning themselves on the first page and posing as breeders to scam you from a down payment, transport and medical fees and they are getting more skilled in how they try to deceive you.

And that begs the question, how can you prevent yourself from being scammed when you search for a “Boston Terrier breeders near me?”

What is a scam website? It typically involves a website showing adorable puppies at suspiciously low prices. They often claim to be a breeder raising “lovingly raised” Boston Terrier puppies to hook you. The prices are typically very low and oftentimes they offer shipping.  Or when you get ready to buy the puppy they will say they moved and that is why they cannot see you in person but to reserve the puppy you have to send a down payment immediately.

When compared to real kennels’ websites, breeders of merit or the Boston Terrier Club of America, it’s easy to see who the real breeders are.

Key thing to NOT being scammed? 1. Knowing the breed standard and 2. Understanding what reputable breeders look like and how to verify that someone is indeed who they claim to be.

So now let’s talk a look at several breeder’s websites and compare them to what I consider to be a reputable breeder’s website should look like.


Suspicious Breeder Listings that Raise Red Flags

The first place I looked at were those websites that are running paid ads.


I already know that gooddog(dot)com is legitimate so I will focus on the other two.

Analysis of Bostonterrierisland(dot)com

If you look at their google snippet they use the word “cheap”

RED FLAG 1: saying your puppy as cheap just raises all sorts of red flags.  Well bred Boston Terrier puppies are not cheap.  Saying they are makes me suspicious.

When I go to their website’s home page. I see more red flags.

RED FLAG 2 : They must have copied and pasted this because they forgot to remove “Miniature Poodle Puppies” on the Boston Terrier Website


RED FLAG 3 : They are signaling that they are a reputable breeder by using the words “conformation” and “standards” so I’m going to look for puppies that look like they belong to show breeders when I get to the photos of puppies page.

RED FLAG 4: No such thing as a non-shedding Boston Terrier. Also there is no such thing as a “breeding hybrids of 3rd generation forward”

RED FLAG 5: “We are global” and “can ship to your State (or Country). This is a huge red flag to me because no reputable breeder I know will ship globally.

RED FLAG 6: Typically if you are a breeder or a kennel – your puppies will look like they are related.

Don’t get scammed by a “Boston Terrier Breeder Near Me”

None of these puppies look related to me and none of these look like they meet the breed standards. If you want to know what puppies should look like, read my article: Buying a Boston Terrier Puppy – everything you need to know.

There really isn’t much more to this website other than a contact form. It doesn’t show who the parents are or who the sellers are.

I would make a HARD PASS on this website.

Review or website bostonterriersforhomes(dot)com

RED FLAG 1: They use the word “Exotic”. And there is no such thing as an exotic Boston Terrier and they are not bred for “your comfort”

RED FLAG 2: 10th word references “mastiff” which also makes no sense. This is a Boston Terrier not a mastiff.


In the About Us Section.

RED FLAG 3: The mention miniature pinschers (I thought they were Boston Terrier Puppy breeders)

RED FLAG 4. Breeding spelled as “breading”.

RED FLAG 5: They say they started in 2005 but if you look at the footer they say they have been breeding 17 years …. The math doesn’t add up


Their Core Values do not make any sense.

They say they are a retail pet industry leader, and have pet counselors … it almost sounds like they copied and pasted different sentences to write their Core Values which sound nothing like what a breeder would state.

Moving over to their Available Puppies page:


RED FLAG 6: When you read the descriptions under each puppy it almost reads as if someone who doesn’t understand English wrote it.

Some of the sentences do not make any sense.

Some of the descriptions reference health tests which do not apply to Boston Terriers.

They also mention tails being docked. Keep in mind Boston Terriers are born with naturally short tails and docking is not allowed in this breed.

Lastly remember on the home page they mention they breed for conformation and to standard. But this doesn’t match their available puppy listings because they show Boston Terrier puppies that are clearly disqualified colors and their markings are not to standard.

They also “ship worldwide” which is a huge red flag to me.

When I reviewed the rest of the website I could not find any photos of the parents or the sellers.

I would make a HARD PASS on this website.

Diving Deeper to Validate The Breeder

A reputable breeder has the following characteristics:

  • If they use the phrase “breed to standard” or “conformation” that implies that they show their dogs.  That means that their dogs titled, and typically they show the parents with their winning show photos.
  • You can cross reference the parents names in dog shows they have registered for
  • You would most likely find the breeders kennel registered with the AKC
  • You would most likely find the breeders in one of the dog fancier’s magazines
  • They will show photos of the parents
  • They would available for you to talk to and in today’s times, even available for face time or zoom calls
  • They would be more interested in getting to know you as opposed to just trying to sell you a fast and quick puppy
  • They would be registered with the AKC as a Breeder of H.E.A.R.T or a Breeder of Merit

These are just a few characteristics of a reputable breeder. I have two articles to help you:



Avoid These Websites When Looking for A Boston Terrier Puppy

  • Craigslist
  • puppyfind(dot)com
  • Any other obscure listing website

Legitimate “Boston Terrier Breeder Near Me” Listings

  • Gooddog(dot)com (Look for AKC Breeders of H.E.A.R.T. or breeders that title their dogs
  • Boston Terrier Club of America
  • ebostonterriers(dot)com is an independent digital publication and sometimes you will find breeders registering their kennels and advertising in there

What Other Ways Can I Find A Boston Terrier Breeder Near Me

Most cities have a local or regional Boston Terrier Club. You can find the affiliate Clubs on this page.

Who To Contact If You Have Been Scammed

Your local police department and Pet Scams.

The Bottom Line

There are unscrupulous people trying to trick you into giving them money for a puppy that does not exist.

Websites like the two above that have inconsistencies.  PASS

Seller claims to be a breeder but you can’t verify that with AKC.  PASS

Seller that cannot show you the puppy or parents in person (or via facetime).  PASS

Puppies do not look like they are bred to meet the standard.  PASS

Puppies that are available to ship.  PASS.  This isn’t Amazon.

Seller that requires a downpayment.  PASS

Discount puppies.  PASS.  Discount puppies are never really discount because they come with behavioral long term issues or sickness.

You are buying a puppy that will be living in your car for thirteen to seventeen years.  You want to educate yourself on how to find a reputable breeder, what you need to know when buying a puppy and what the breed standard looks like.


Hannah Zulueta and her two dogs Maggie and Orbit

Hello, my name is Hannah and I dance with my dogs.

I am a Boston Terrier Breed Advocate.  I started this blog because there isn’t enough space to tell our story on our Instagram.

I have two Boston Terriers. Maggie is my socially awkward heart dog while Orbit is my shadow and soul dog.

You won’t read about cats here, but you will get a fairly large dosage of articles dedicated to this wonderful breed to help you learn more about them or provide practical tips as you raise your own. Read more about us.

By, June 23, 2020
  • 4
  • Frieda Gilford
    December 27, 2020

    I feel I have been scammed by Happ Camp Boston terrier. They have my deposit of $400 and when I asked for a refund I don’t get a reply.

    • Maggie Loves Orbit
      December 27, 2020

      I’m so sorry that happened to you. I would report it to the police to let them know.

  • Sarah
    December 27, 2020

    Hi! Any chance you’re familiar with this breeder?

    I can’t tell if they’re legit because they claim to provide health records and a good amount of info but there are still a few red flags like the shipping. I’ve asked to schedule a FaceTime meeting so I’m waiting to hear back. Hoping you can provide some insight as someone who seems pretty good at confirming breeder legitimacy. Thanks!

    • Maggie Loves Orbit
      December 27, 2020

      Hi – the photos of the puppies they have on the home page are red flags. One on the left that is called Disc – Male looks like he’s very poorly bred – doesn’t even look like a Boston. Also I’m not a fan of brown bostons – they are not breeding to standard. Other red flags they say they have been breeding since 97, 08 but … this website has no track of the parents or the “line” of their Bostons.

      I would avoid any website that talks about how easy it is to ship a boston. You’re buying a puppy for life not buying something off Amazon. I would pass on this breeder.

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