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Fall Fashion Apparel at Petco For Dogs

  • September 6, 2018
  • By MaggieLovesOrbit
Fall Fashion Apparel at Petco For Dogs

This post is sponsored by Petco.  All opinions are my own.

Summer was a scorcher.  The temps have dropped and I’m pulling out my sweaters, boots and scarves.  And fall fashion doesn’t stop with me.  My dogs are getting into sweaters thank you to the latest styles from Petco’s Bond and Co fashion line.  Sneak peek below or visit their fall fashion online by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

Happier Pets.  Happier World

I’ve had the pleasure in visiting Petco’s headquarters several times over the past 12 months.  It’s clear to me that the company culture is devoted to the overall well being of pets.  They truly believe that if our pets are healthier and happier …. we would have a better world.

It’s a pretty monumental task because we all have different kinds of pets, in all shapes and sizes.  And when I visit their offices I see this diversity is reflected in their employees and their pets as well.

You see the employees of Petco are able to bring their pets to work.  You’ll often see them featured in their Instagram stories.  Dogs, iguanas, rabbits, fish and hedgehogs are some that I’ve seen in this week alone.

This feeling of care the team at Petco have … extend to how they run their business and they continually strive to make an impact in our pets’ world.

It’s not what you buy it’s who you buy from

Obviously I’m a Petco fangirl.  I walk to our neighborhood Petco at least once a week to buy our food or to check out what they have.  I’ll be honest a year ago their fashion selection didn’t have me emptying my pockets.  I would walk down the collar and leash aisle and see the same variety of products in red, blue, green, yellow, orange … pretty generic … function over form type of dog products.

But lately … things have changed.  I am seeing styles that are now an extension of my own personal style.

I went for our weekly food run … saw these on the end caps and next thing I know I’m walking out with a complete set for each of my dogs.

Check out these super cute lavender and tweed felt and tartan collars, leashes and bows.  Seriously … the girls have been wearing these non stop since I purchased them.  The only time they don’t wear it is when we go to the beach and I put waterproof collars on them.

To shop these visit each link below.  As of this post – I haven’t figured out how to make the photo link directly to Petco so we’ll do it the old fashioned way:

Lavender Tweed Dog Collar $14.99

Purple and Gray Tartan Dog Collar $14.99

Tartan Felt and Lavender Tweed Bowtie Dog Set 2 pack $9.99

Lavender Tweed Dog Leash $19.99

Purple and Grey Tartan Dog Leash $19.99

These prices are very affordable.  Two HIGH QUALITY bows for $9.99?  That never happens.  Also if you keep going back every week like I do – they get marked down.  I saw a brown set for 50% off.  The only reason I didn’t buy it is because I don’t have matching collars and leashes but if it’s there again when I go back I just might slide it into the basket to purchase.  Can’t beat that price.

Here’s another tip for you …. if you follow Petco on social media (Facebook and Instagram) they often will have a deal of the day or deal of the weekend.  Just keep an eye out for that coupon code.  All the dollars saved means you could add more things to the basket …..just kidding … you could save … ok… you “might” still add things to the basket because smart dog parents know how to shop right?

And I purchased the above set myself.  This part of the post is not sponsored.  I love what they have that much that not only do we work with them to spread the word about their products … I shop there too!


Sweater Weather – Cozy Dogs

Ok so I got a little side tracked.  Back to the fall fashion line.  Below is a sneak peak of some other styles but to get the FULL preview …. follow Petco on Instagram and tune into their IGTV at 5:30pm Pacific Daylight Time.



There we’ll be joining our friends to talk about what our dogs mean to us … and of course – see our dogs strutting their stuff down the fashion ramp.

My dogs dress better than me.  And I’m totally OK with that!

Fall Fashion Apparel at Petco For Dogs
Fall Fashion Apparel at Petco For Dogs

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By MaggieLovesOrbit, September 6, 2018
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  • Patricia Marsh
    October 12, 2018

    Great Stuff and quality too !

  • Michelle & Watson
    December 7, 2018

    Loving the lavender!! You picked such great accessories :).

    Woof Xo,
    Michelle & Watson

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