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For the Woman Who is a Badass Pupper Mother

  • June 4, 2019
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For the Woman Who is a Badass Pupper Mother

I’ve seen different phrases go around; dog mom, dog momager, puppy baby mama, but the one that has stayed with me the most lately is Badass Pupper Mother.

I guess I like it the most because dog mom sounds too much like being a mom and as much as I love my dogs I know raising them is nothing like raising children.

And dog momager never appealed to me because in all honestly my two can be so obnoxious any semblance of managing them is a lot of times an illusion when they are the ones managing me!

And being a puppy baby mama was cute when they were puppies but they’re dogs now.

And so Badass Pupper Mother it is. Say it fast and you might sound like you’re cursing… which won’t be too far from the fact when your puppers are naughty and rolling in cat or duck poo. But I digress.

What is a Badass Pupper Mother?

A badass pupper mother doesn’t take herself too seriously; we see the humor in life and laugh when our pups lick their rears and try to kiss us (no sorry let me get the baby wipes first).

A badass pupper mother doesn’t flinch when dog hair floats into their wine glass.

A badass pupper mother spends two months researching dog food. Longer than we spent researching our final term papers in school. And longer than we spent deciding on the decorations in our house. After purchasing or preparing said dog food the badass pupper mother will then stalk their dogs while they do the number two and compare said specimens with internet photos to see at what level of “good poo” the specimen condition is in.

Badass pupper mothers have their friend’s dog names or dog;s Instagram names as contact names in their phone book. For those they are close to they will even store their friend’s dog’s birthdays as well. PS we might sometimes forget our friend’s baby’s birthdays but we never forget our best friend’s pupper’s birthdays.

Badass pupper mothers like to do things together. They walk together, camp together, eat together, languish the afternoon together and what do they talk about? You guessed it dogs.
Vacation time? Dogs are included. Badass pupper mothers read trip advisor reviews to gauge how what the accommodations are like from the pupper’s point of view. And then we’ll research vacation location destination hashtags on Instagram to bookmark activities to do as a pupper family.

Badass Pupper Mothers taste in music range from the Eagles all the way to Zedd, and Ellie Goulding or the Chainsmokers.

She likes to live in yoga pants and tennis shoes but can easily put on the femme fatale look complete with lipstick and heels.

Badass Pupper Mothers are real women with substance. They have seen and experienced different stages in life and have learned to accept things as they are yet want things to be better than they are.

If your dog is sick your badass pupper mother friend is going to tell all her other badass pupper mother friends and they will come visit with you all sorts of remedies for your pupper’s ailments.

When treats are being given the Badass Pupper Mother brings enough not only for her dogs but for her friends’ dogs.

The Badass Pupper Mother has a giving heart. She shares her knowledge. She shares her love for her own dogs and those around her.

A Badass Pupper Mother doesn’t claim to know it all. In fact she is insatiably curious and wanting to learn more about all things related to raising a better dog.

She knows every dog is different. Comes in all shapes and sizes. All breeds and temperaments and knows the only thing that holds dogs equal is their ability to be the source of unending love.

She knows that it is the dogs that make us human. The dogs that make us complete and the dogs that save us from ourselves.

Life is great. Dogs make it better!

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Hannah Zulueta and her two dogs Maggie and Orbit

Hello my name is Hannah and I dance with my dogs.  A self proclaimed Boston Terrier addict, (aka breed advocate) I started this blog because there isn’t enough space to write on our Instagram.  Maggie is my socially awkward one; which I find highly relatable because I am completely out of place in large groups myself.  And Orbit is my sensitive flower.  Blow on her skin wrong (ok I might be exaggerating) and she breaks out in a rash.

You won’t read about cats here… but you will get a fairly large dosage of articles dedicated to the Boston Terrier.    Read more about us. 

By, June 4, 2019
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