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Global Pet Expo 2020 – On The Lookout for Canine Enrichment

  • February 21, 2020
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Global Pet Expo 2020 – On The Lookout for Canine Enrichment

OMG I’m going to Global Pet Expo!

First of all it wasn’t on my radar to attend with my MaggieLovesOrbit hat on.

I went two years ago and had a great time! I also realized it was a very expensive venture.

And I figured I would just focus on attending SuperZoo.

But this year, as DOGTV’s Social Media Manager I was invited to join the team for our inaugural attendance as an exhibitor!

I’m super excited! I love being part of the DOGTV team.

And in case you need to know what DOGTV is … it allows you as a dog owner to have peace of mind when you leave your home.

Currently 60% of dog owners already leave some sort of TV or audio on for the dog.

DOGTV decided to intersect science with behavioral training to create television programming created for dogs to relax and entertain them.

Find me in booth number 4474!

Quick Facts: What is Global Pet Expo

It’s the Pet Industry’s largest industrial annual trade show featuring the newest, most innovative pet products on the market today.

Last year’s attendance had 1,174 exhibitors, 3,604 booths and more than 3,000 new product launches. There were 7,029 of the most qualified pet product buyers in the industry attending.

What happens at Global Pet Expo

The buyers meet with exhibitors to place their annual orders for their stores. There’s an educational component as well and you can get your learn on and attend any of the seminars on various topics related to the pet industry.

My experience in 2018

Let’s just say if I were an animal I attended as a deer and all the headlights were on.

The show occupies about 45,000 square space. It was overwhelming and since it was my first time I didn’t know what to expect.

But … I did have some fangirl moments.


I got to meet Doug the Pug and OMG he is CUTER in person than online. And his dog owner Leslie is the sweetest woman ever.

I showed up to his appearance location 30 minutes early with my friend Nicole of IAmAHoneyBee just so that I could see him first. It’s the oddest thing to have a relationship in my head with a dog I never met.

Being on social media myself I realize it’s because of what his content meant to me. And that was his posts made me laugh in those quiet moments I was escaping whatever reality I was in as I scrolled through on Instagram.

I also got to meet the Dogist. And I totally lost my tongue too. Hands down he is the best dog photographer I know of.  Not only does he take great photos, he posts them to his Instagram three times a day.

Our friends I Party With Bruce Wayne were there too!


But What About the Business Side?

Oh… that! I guess I should talk about that part of the show too.

The BEST part about Global Pet Expo and SuperZoo is when you get to meet the owners and inventors of pet products.

And they tell you their “WHY”. And then they tell you why say a toy is designed as it is and you realized you’re never going to look at that toy the same way again!  For example I got to meet Joe Markam of KONG and he explained the science behind the famous KONG and I was truly blown away!


My Plans for 2020 Global Pet Expo

  1. Tell everyone I meet why they should sign up for DOGTV and if you’re going to be at Global please stop by for five minutes because I not only want to meet you, if you have a store I have $250 value in product from DOGTV for your store.
  2. Look for solutions: I do get some free time and I’ve got my ears and eyes open for products that solve problems.
  3. Canine enrichment. Do you follow my dogs Maggie and Orbit on Instagram? If not please come check us out. I’ve got two high energy Boston Terriers and I’m all about ways to enrich their lives. Through products and training.
  4. Meet up with my friends. I hope to run into some of my client and blogger friends to catch up and reconnect.

And last but foremost I plan to have a lot of fun. Even if you’re reading this and we don’t get to meet in person, I hope to see you on social. I’ll be actively posting from DOGTV’s Instagram & Twitter. As well as from my own account MaggieLovesOrbit.



Hannah Zulueta and her two dogs Maggie and Orbit

Hello, my name is Hannah and I dance with my dogs.

I am a Boston Terrier Breed Advocate. I started this blog because there isn’t enough space to tell our story on our Instagram.

I have two Boston Terriers. Maggie is my socially awkward heart dog while Orbit is my charismatic soul dog.

You won’t read about cats here, but you will get a fairly large dosage of articles dedicated to this wonderful breed to help you learn more about them or provide practical tips as you raise your own. Read more about us.

By, February 21, 2020
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