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Home Remedy for Dog Skin Yeast Infection

  • March 29, 2018
  • By MaggieLovesOrbit
Home Remedy for Dog Skin Yeast Infection

It’s been 6 weeks and Orbit is finally yeast free.  I wanted to give it some time before I celebrated because we’ve been battling her yeast infection for the past 1+ years.

In this article I’ll outline all the different treatment plans that got her 50% better until finally that last step that cured her.  And I haven’t seen any signs of yeast for a month and a half.

Symptoms started at 8 months

When she was 8 months old her ears started to have that funny smell.  As the months progressed it moved to her paws … sometimes her belly.  At it’s worst, her muzzle had dark stains and she had pustules around her ears.

I tried it all.  The vinegar mix, the ACV mix, hydrogen peroxide, different sprays, different supplements, raw, allergy tests, holistic vet, diluted betadine, colloidal silver … I practically have almost every solution in my medicine cabinet.

Through diet, allergy tests, and regular cleaning – her symptoms improved 50%

But try for the life of me and 3 different vets we couldn’t figure out how to cure her completely.

In case you’re wondering as to what we tried for food (giving it at least 2 months at a time) we did raw, (prepped and DIY) and currently on DIY home cooked meals under the guidance of our vet.


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Yeast is fungal

You’ve seen all the different veterinarian articles (click here for one of them) to outline that yeast is fungal.

For the longest time I was trying to figure out how to get her immune system stronger and heal her from the inside out.  But other than bathing and cleaning her I didn’t look too closely at another topical solution.

I was using shampoos that had chlorhexidine.  I loved the line from Duoxo (purchased it on Amazon).   I thought that ingredient was enough but after the upteenth article read after midnight when her yeast problem was keeping me up – I realized I never looked for a product that had ketoconazole.

I found this spray on Amazon, paid for the expedited shipping and waited for it’s arrival.

Apply with caution

When the product arrived I immediately applied it quite liberally at full strength to Orbit’s affected areas.  I sprayed her belly, her paws, and put some on a cotton pad and wiped her muzzle, her head and behind her ears with it.

10 minutes later she turned beet red.  As in OMG what did I just do to my poor dog.

She didn’t look inflamed, or itch or look uncomfortable but her redness made me and others around her feel uncomfortable.

She stayed this red for 3 days.

And I learned to dilute the product.  I put some in a mug and the solution was probably 3 to 1.  And the next time 4 to 1.  And the time after that 5 to 1.

I continued to clean her very slightly – every other day.

By the next weekend she was yeast free.

I didn’t want to do the happy dance.   After all we’d been at this for over a years and this was too good to be true.

After all the vets, all the supplements, all the different remedies … this little bottle that had the key ingredients of chlorhexidine and ketoconazole finally cured Orbit from her yeast infection.

Now that it’s been over 6 weeks as I write this, I am comfortable in sharing this remedy with others.

Please note I am not a vet.  We actually went to three different vets spending upwards of a thousand dollars trying to find a remedy.  And we did this over the span of a year and a half.  Although she improved under the care of the vet, she wasn’t symptom free until I tried this product.

All dogs are different – and if you do use this product please dilute it and sample it on a small section of your dog’s skin prior to full application.  I was too eager to try it and should have done that initially as well.

how I cured my dog's yeast infection
By MaggieLovesOrbit, March 29, 2018
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  • Michelle & Watson
    March 29, 2018

    Thank you for the wonderful info!! Not totally the same problem, but we had to switch food to get rid of tear stains too. There are so many factors in play, just like with humans!

    Woof Xo,
    Michelle & Watson

  • Michelle
    March 31, 2018

    I read your article on yeast infections, my Boston age 6 has never had a single health issue until diagnosed with cork screw tail, have you heard of this condition as I have never before now ?

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