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How To Use Instagram For Your Dog


If you want to understand what makes an influencer stand out and why, then this guide is for you

Imagine that:

  • You tell stories that people engage with
  • Your followers come looking for you and you’re not a slave to the algorithm
  • You have a strategic roadmap that guides you on what to do every day

…but this Instagram Guide doesn’t do these three things.  It doesn’t do any ONE of these three things it does ALL of them … AND … it does the following things as well.

  • The EXACT proven steps we take to grow our account @maggielovesorbit – which is currently growing at 200+ followers a day.
  • You’ll UNDERSTAND why people are on Instagram so that you know WHAT KIND of content does better than others.
  • You’ll LEARN how to find your voice and persona.
  • You’ll DEVELOP A SYSTEM – on what to do every day of the week to GROW your account.
  • You’ll have a better understanding of Instagram’s ALGORITHM and learn how to leverage it to INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY.
  • You’ll learn CRACK THE CODE in how to find the best HASHTAGS for your photos.

And if the only thing you got out of this guide was .. HOW to become an Instagram Influencer AND have fun … then we’ve accomplished our goal.

What do Influencers do well?

They entertain their audience.  They surprise.  And they delight.

Why do they do this?

Because Influencers understand that they are asking for their audience’s time.  They know that in the 3 to 5 seconds of that time they need to give their audience something.

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A remarkable influencer also has the following core traits:

  • Trust – I believe you.
  • Likeability – Relatable and Likable.  You come off as a person I would like to meet in real life.
  • Integrity – You represent values that I feel aligned with and/or respect.

Is this guide for you? If you’re happy with impact as an Influencer then you don’t need this guide.  Or you can change how you have been doing things.   You can choose to make a business decision to take your Instagram to the next level and create remarkable content that your audience gravitates towards.  The choice is yours.

It does not happen overnight

Most influencers start to become a micro influencer (less than 50K followers) within a year or year and a half.  The serious heavyweights have been growing their “tribe” for anywhere from three to five years.  Followers happen as a result of what you do and only those that do it better than others rise to the top.  If you are going to be able to weather the storms and ride the peaks for at least three years then you have a good chance in becoming a dog influencer.

Content will always be King

To be seen, you have to learn how to see.  People ask me questions around MORE.

How can I get MORE followers?

How can I get MORE engagement?

But you’re asking the wrong question.  Instead consider these questions.

How deep do my Roots go?

How Anchored am I to MY OWN STORY?

Am I going deep into my own dreams and desires?

Am I capturing the moments that matter the most to me?

Am I creating work I can be proud of?

There are storytellers.  And then there are copycats.  You need to tell your own story because our fake meters are well developed and we can spot duplicate content a mile away.  And it’s boring and it serves no purpose.

Time and time again the photos that do well are those that cause a “shift” inside us.

When you create content … think about the reaction it causes in you.  Does it awe you? Amuse you?  Make you laugh?  Give you joy?  And if it does – when you share it with your best friend do they have the same reaction?

For example I may share photos of my dogs at the beach and at home.  But my core themes are: Sisterhood, Adventure and Joy

Once you understand your story … then creating the photos and writing the caption becomes easy.

You influence decisions

A true influencer makes an impact on his or her audience.  You can shift perspectives, introduce ideas, start conversations and in the case of commerce, you can motivate someone towards making a purchase.

You cannot game the system

If a brand is going to work with you they will be ensuring they are making the right decision.  With ad safety becoming a growing concern there are tools that check the health of your followers and verify if your followers are authentic.  There are tools that measure the velocity of your likes and views.  Any sudden spikes throw off red flags.  Everything you do on Instagram can be tracked and validated.  They can track fake account activity.  Brands are simply protecting their investment.

And even if the brand did not have their own tracking software, the branded handshake tool now allows brands insider’s access to your analytics.  They can track and measure your reach, impressions, and overall engagement.

Using the right hashtags with the right content can make the difference between hitting the explore page and not.

I have a system in finding hashtags.  You can view that article by clicking on this LINK.


What kind of compensation do you receive as a Dog Influencer on Instagram?

In the beginning you’ll be working for product in lieu of cash payments.  This is a way for you to prove your effectiveness as an influencer.  I’ve seen accounts with followers in the 2,000 range start to receive product.  And some might work this way up until they get to a level that they can start to charge.   Depending on the brands, this will be in the 20,000 to 30,000 range.

What is the going rate for a paid post?

A industry guideline is $100 for every 10,000 followers.  Some brands will pay more and some will pay less.  It all depends on how much they value your effectiveness as an influencer.

Our own journey

We started to receive product to review and photograph when we were in the 5,000 range and received our first paid post in the 25,000 range.  We receive offers weekly for both paid and unpaid posts but I only work with brands I believe in.  If brands want to work with us that is secondary to my primary goal which is engaging with our audience and sharing our story.I wrote this guide to teach what I know about growing your Instagram account.

This guide is NOT for the beginner.  It’s designed for someone who has covered all the basics and wants to step up their Instagram knowledge to accelerate their growth and stand out.

This guide is designed for the person wanting to take their Instagram to the next level. A basic understanding of the platform and its functions are ideal as those beginning basics are not covered here. Rather the psychology, concepts and strategies in growing your account is what the focus is on.

If you have a Dog Account that you want to grow this guide is PERFECT for you.

I run a business managing other people’s Instagram Accounts. And I share this knowledge with you. I’ve grown MaggieLovesOrbit to currently over 110K followers as well as multiple other IG Business accounts.

If you’re an Etsy shop owner, a marketer, a solopreneur, a photographer – this guide is also for you. You can take the concepts covered here and apply them to your own niche. Or better yet, start your own pet’s Instagram Account. When you apply the concepts covered here, you’ll have a deeper understanding in what works and what doesn’t and you’ll be able to apply that in your core account.

Pet’s are big business and brands are flocking to them.  I’ve started to collect a list of articles about Pet Influencers which you can access via this link.

If you want to see our own Instagram – find us as MaggieLovesOrbit on IG.

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If you’re interesting in learning more about the tips I share prior to committing to the guide – look up @barkcommunity on Instagram.  I started that page in response to all the direct questions I was receiving.  For the most part you could follow all of the posts and get a handle for what I know about Instagram thus far.  However I do save some of the details for those that purchase the Guide on how to become a Dog Influencer on Instagram.


How To Use Instagram For Your DogHow To Use Instagram For Your DogHow To Use Instagram For Your DogHow To Use Instagram For Your Dog

When I first starting Instagram I read every single one of those “How to grow your Instagram Account” articles I could find online.  I watched all the YouTube videos.  I read all the articles on Pinterest.  I took multiple courses looking for the Instagram formula that would make Instagram work for me.

And I learned a lot.  Enough to grow 20+ multiple Instagram accounts for my clients (I do this professionally) but there wasn’t a guide for dogs and a lot of my Instagram friends were asking how to grow their own dog’s Instagram accounts.  So I started @barkcommunity page and I’ve expanded what I know into this ebook.

There is no “Instagram Secret” … however there are some strategies and tactics about Instagram that you are probably not doing.

Everything you could ever want to know about Instagram is available online for free or through a paid course.  But those guides are written for businesses, fashion, photographers etc.  There wasn’t one written specifically for dogs.


As a marketing consultant, blogger, and Instagrammer I get approached all the time to help others with their account.  It took me years to learn what I know.  And I’m selling you my ebook to help you grow as well.

The strategy I use to grow by 150 to 250 new followers per day and get me noticed enough to start getting paid for posts is available to you.

The tactics I teach are different from other tactics you will find elsewhere.  That’s because I’ve tweaked and finessed what I have learned specifically for dog accounts.  The answer is not shoutouts, not contests, and not being featured.  Instead what I share are are daily actions you have to do to stand out.  To increase your visibility and to grow large enough to be noticed by brands.

Currently the “Pet Influencer” space isn’t crowded or saturated.  But you cannot grow overnight.  You have to start today to build your tribe and become large enough to work with brands.

There are no guarantees.  Instead I share tactics that worked for me.  In this ebook I include what to do every day of the week.  It requires your time every day.  In the beginning I was spending 1 to 2 hours per day in Instagram.  So if you’re ready to take the guesswork out and start to use tactics that work this guide is for you.

How To Use Instagram For Your DogHow To Use Instagram For Your Dog

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