I teach dog parents how to stand out and grow their dog’s Instagarm audience and become dog influencers

Insta Dog Superhero: Game changing strategies so you can grow your tribe on Instagram

Do you want to make your dog Instagram Famous?  Do you want to become a Pet Influencer?  Do you want to learn how to Monetize your Dog’s Instagram Account?  This guide is for you.  This is a Digital Download Product that is 23 pages long + BONUS summary section on how to Monetize your Instagram Account to do things like buy more Dog Treats for your Dog =)

Does any of this sound familiar?

Posting like crazy and not seeing the results.  You’re confused as to why you’re not seeing the results in engagement and growth.

Unsure of your tone and voice.  You have a story inside you and not sure how to articulate it in the captions and visually?

Unsure of how to pick the best hashtags?  You use them but do you know how to find the best ones that give you maximum impact?

Have goals to become a pet influencer one day and somehow monetize your account either by receiving free product or actually get paid for your posts?

You have a base level understanding of Instagram but you want to learn how to take your account to the next level and learn more than the free tutorials you’ve already taken?

Did you raise your hand to any of the above?  Good.  You are SO in the right spot.  This guide is NOT for the beginner.  It’s designed for someone who has covered all the basics and wants to step up their Instagram knowledge to accelerate their growth and stand out.

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Hello Pet Parent.  Ready to learn WHY and HOW to grow your Instagram Following?

Are your goals to create compelling content that your readers keep coming back to?  The kind of content that builds a community?  Do you want to learn how to leverage the Instagram algorithm so that you can GROW your account?

In this 23 page digital guide you’re going to learn ….

– The EXACT proven steps we take to grow our account @maggielovesorbit – which is currently growing at 250+ followers a day.
– You’ll UNDERSTAND why people are on Instagram so that you know WHAT KIND of content does better than others.
– You’ll LEARN how to find your voice and persona.
– You’ll DEVELOP A SYSTEM – on what to do every day of the week to GROW your account.
– You’ll have a better understanding of Instagram’s ALGORITHM and learn how to leverage it to INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY.
– You’ll learn CRACK THE CODE in how to find the best HASHTAGS for your photos.

This guide is designed for the person wanting to take their Instagram to the next level. A basic understanding of the platform and its functions are ideal as those beginning basics are not covered here. Rather the psychology, concepts and strategies in growing your account is what the focus is on.

If you have a Dog Account that you want to grow this guide is PERFECT for you.

I run a business managing other people’s Instagram Accounts. And I share this knowledge with you. I’ve grown MaggieLovesOrbit to currently over 61K followers as well as multiple other IG Business accounts.

If you’re an Etsy shop owner, a marketer, a solopreneur, a photographer – this guide is also for you. You can take the concepts covered here and apply them to your own niche. Or better yet, start your own pet’s Instagram Account. When you apply the concepts covered here, you’ll have a deeper understanding in what works and what doesn’t and you’ll be able to apply that in your core account.

Pet’s are big business and brands are flocking to them.  I’ve started to collect a list of articles about Pet Influencers which you can access via this link.

The space isn’t too crowded either.  Here’s a list of:

If you want to see our own Instagram – find us as MaggieLovesOrbit on IG.

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How this guide was born:

When I first starting Instagram I read every single one of those “How to grow your Instagram Account” articles I could find online.  I watched all the YouTube videos.  I read all the articles on Pinterest.  I took multiple courses looking for the Instagram formula that would make Instagram work for me.

And I learned a lot.  Enough to grow 20+ multiple Instagram accounts for my clients (I do this professionally) but there wasn’t a guide for dogs and a lot of my Instagram friends were asking how to grow their own dog’s Instagram accounts.  So I started @barkcommunity page and I’ve expanded what I know into this ebook.

There is no “Instagram Secret” … however there are some strategies and tactics about Instagram that you are probably not doing.

Everything you could ever want to know about Instagram is available online for free or through a paid course.  But those guides are written for businesses, fashion, photographers etc.  There wasn’t one written specifically for dogs.


As a marketing consultant, blogger, and Instagrammer I get approached all the time to help others with their account.  It took me years to learn what I know.  And I’m selling you my ebook to help you grow as well.

If you want my strategy on how to grow your account and stand out – it’s available via our Etsy store.

The strategy I use to grow by 250 to 300 new followers per day and get me noticed enough to start getting paid for posts is available to you.

The tactics I teach are different from other tactics you will find elsewhere.  That’s because I’ve tweaked and finessed what I have learned specifically for dog accounts.  The answer is not shoutouts, not contests, and not being featured.  Instead what I share are are daily actions you have to do to stand out.  To increase your visibility and to grow large enough to be noticed by brands.

Currently the “Pet Influencer” space isn’t crowded or saturated.  But you cannot grow overnight.  You have to start today to build your tribe and become large enough to work with brands.

There are no guarantees.  Instead I share tactics that worked for me.  In this ebook I include what to do every day of the week.  It requires your time every day.  In the beginning I was spending 1 to 2 hours per day in Instagram.  So if you’re ready to take the guesswork out and start to use tactics that work this guide is for you.

This guide is 23 pages long and can be purchased for $38 and downloaded on our Etsy store.  It includes a Monetization Summary guide.

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