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Instagram Challenge: Day 1

  • October 20, 2018
  • By MaggieLovesOrbit
Instagram Challenge:  Day 1

instagram-challenge-day-1I have monkeys in my brain.

At last count there where 1,208,140 monkeys simultaneously trying to get my attention.

“Wake up earlier”

“Complete that report”

“I hate traffic”

“OMG the neighbor just got the CUTEST PUPPPPPPYYYY”

“Damn wish I had more money… I need an RV to travel”

“What the F am am I going to cook for dinner”

“Is my niece 4 or 8 this weekend”

“I better call my mom”

Here’s the thing.

You’re probably the most stable person you know.  YES of course.

And so think of all the things going around your head and think about all the people around you with voices in their heads.

Trying to talk to them is like trying to talk to a tree.

Watch this:

No One Gives and *ISH about you

Ok… MAYBE ONLY your GRANDMA … your sister, your lover, your best friend is saying

uh huh uh huh… sure I’ll click on that link

or read that post.  Let me tell you the



so… no expectations

it’s easier to start from ground zero.  All you have to do it go up

So even if one person laid their eyeballs on your post

you should break open a new bottle of your

favorite birthday wine you’ve been


ps notice the wave pattern in this copy

my teacher would be appalled

how I am breaking up

the sentences

but no one cares about you.

Next assignment – read

this article


Cliff notes is that the reader is in control

so you have to understand their

what is going through their

mind in order to get

inside it

Last lesson for tonight

my brain just want to survive.  I heard about this guy on a podcast and I listened to him at least 20 times

and then I read his book now at least 5 times.  The brain is really just trying to survive and thrive

they gravitate towards what they can understand the fastest and easiest because if you truly

want to know what the most valuable resource is on this planet?  Everyone has it.

It’s time.

We all start and end every single day with exactly 24 hours.  Not a minute more

or not a second less.  And the brain is constantly trying to assess what

is important to them.  And that my friends is to

survive and thrive

I teach mindset.  I don’t teach tactics (ok maybe I teach that too)

but to get into someone’s minds you have to understand

what’s going on upstairs.

Happy Sunday


*ps some footnotes

forget all the grammmmmer rules you learned on Instagram – remember people have limited time and still only spend 33 minutes per day on Instagram.

If you know SEO you know one of the factors is dwell time.  You’re trying to click bait their eyeballs to read a post and continue down the page because the first goal is ATTENTION and the second goal is DWELL time.

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By MaggieLovesOrbit, October 20, 2018
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