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Instagram Challenge Day 2

  • October 20, 2018
  • By MaggieLovesOrbit
Instagram Challenge Day 2

99% of the Population are so BASIC

instagram-challenge-day-2Thank goodness for the 1% of the people that aren’t.  I know a few.  So do you.  A relative of mine is a high ranking member of the elite services level of the military.  I can’t really say more than that because that is how high up he is.

Let’s just say he keeps us safe.  His wife is no exception.  She and her husband wake up at 4am so they can do their “thing” in “self care” and carving out time for themselves so that they can prepare for their day and control their day so that their day doesn’t control them.

I wish I could be like that.  I even worked out with her for 2.5 hours EVERY SINGLE MORNING for two weeks straight but I had to

cry uncle

because geeze I’m just trying to survive and live and sleep

and so is the majority of people we know.  We work hard all week and we relax on the weekend and on Monday our mind wants to be charging and hitting all cylinders but my body is just wanting to crawl

back into bed with my puppy.

don’t judge me!

So today I want to give you a roadmap for content:

For example’s sake I’m going to use a roadmap for a blogger.  Part of the reason why is a blogger works for themselves.  They share content that they believe in.  And if you have enough traffic to your site, your blog can earn revenue through advertising or affiliate income.

In a way it’s the ultimate test of being an influencer.  Can your readers trust you?  Do they act on your recommendations?  Do you offer a different perspective?

If you don’t have a blog – do you have an Amazon store?  If so – you can substitute the “blog” below with your Amazon store.

And if you don’t have either … but want to work with brands for campaigns… then you can substitute where I talk about the blog below for the brand you’re trying to promote that week.


WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)

People don’t pick up their phones because of YOU and YOUR DOG.  They couldn’t care less.  It’s because of Them.

The phone is the entertainment center in their pocket and you’re just a channel.  Viewers are looking to be entertained and to escape.

Monday content

Mood: Sleepy, tired, reminiscing on the weekend, re-caping the weekend

Photo:  sleepy pupper.  RBF.  Or memories from the weekend.

Caption: 7 words or less.

Fact: Did you know the first 64 characters in your Instagram caption is visible.  After that it’s truncated.

Need some ideas?

Twitter: #storyin5words
People are able to tell stories in 5-7 words or less

Facebook: Do you have an aunt or grandma that shares photos with captions on it that are funny as hell and your reaction is



that’s me

Because people on Mondays are looking for RELATABLE content.

They hate that they have to back to work and misery loves company.  Posting photos, videos, and captions that capture this mood is easy.  Or maybe its the puppy making fun of you.

Caption ideas:

“You work I nap”

“Bye mom I’ll keep the bed warm”

“I need coffee”

“Mondays are ruff”

You get the idea.  People’s brain power is at 55% at best and you’re looking for the reaction of





Let’s not forget Instagram is a visual platform

Your photos should show your puppies eyes.  It’s the expression you are going for.  Or the MOOD.

We’re not in the business of educating right now.  We’re just trying to be relatable.

I’m going to insert a concept in Social Media that our job on this platform is to get people to


and so you have to be relatable.  You’re right now appealing to the masses of the mood.

The photo you select should be clear, bright.  Composition wise… I try to keep it simple.  So not having a busy background so a reader’s eyes can focus on your subject.

There are accounts like Boop My Nose who show a dog’s nose – and variations of it by showing different breeds.  It’s doing well because the reader doesn’t have to think – all they have to do is react.

So simple.  I know exactly what I’m getting.  Mondays I don’t want to think about you and your post I just want to get through my day and while I’m standing in the grocery line buying tonight’s dinner I want to see your post and like it.

Sleepy puppies for the win.  Another expert at this is @harlowandsage

The reaction is what you focus on with your post.  You want people to say


“Me Too”


YES use all 30 and use two in the caption and add 28 in the comments.

Use Display Purposes to find your hashtags.  I write two articles about hashtag strategy
that you can read here and here.  Please read both.  One shows screen shots of posts that go viral and another gives you the tool to find our hashtag.  I use Display Purposes and you don’t have to go the whole way just put in your dog’s breed + another general hashtag so for me I might put in #bostonterrier #dogsofinsta and let it give me 28 hashtags (move the slider to dictate how many hashtags you want).

How often to post?

At a minimum you HAVE to post 6 times a week.  I am currently posting that for my clients at level one in my package plan.  Level two is twice a day PLUS 2 stories a day PLUS 1 IGTV once a week.

If this stresses you out… relax … I will guide you on what to post because I know you’ve got enough photos in your camera roll you just don’t know what to do with it.

WHY do you have to post this often?  It’s because it’s the only way to stay in the stream of consciousness of your readers.

If you have a blog there is a concept you may have heard of.

Your Blog is the Fire.

Social Media is Gasoline.

So if you’re not putting yourself out there people forget about  you.  You need to stay IN FRONT of them otherwise you won’t be able to drive them to do the things you need them to do (click on a link, read a post, click on a vendor’s link etc.).

p.s. If you’re reading this on a desktop – maybe you picked up on the wave pattern of how the sentences are broken up.  Not that you have to do exactly this every post but the point is that people on Instagram have the attention span of a gnat so you need to make your posts as easy to read as possible.

Blogger's challenge for Instagram
By MaggieLovesOrbit, October 20, 2018
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