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Instagram Challenge Day 3

  • October 21, 2018
  • By MaggieLovesOrbit
Instagram Challenge Day 3

Tuesdays are the most productive day for humans.  Respect that!

instagram-challenge-day-3Forget Monday.  Tuesday’s I’m ready to tackle the world.  And a good portion of the population are in “work mode”,

Google searches are the highest on Tuesdays.

People are the most productive on Tuesdays.

Which means … Tuesdays are the lowest emotional commitment days on Social Media.  Save your deep posts and your long form posts for another day.

That’s why #TOT does so well on this day.  Or cute.  Basically any content that is easy and quick to consume.

Ever study the Explore page and notice a lot of the aggregate accounts like @pawnatic or @boopmynose just go for simple and cute with every single post?  It’s because it works… for the masses.

If you want to grow your account by going viral…study viral content.  Become a ninja of the explore page and ask yourself – what is it about a post that seems to do well.  Either its amazingly cute or jaw dropping amazing.


Go for the cute factor. Post a TOT.  Post an OMG I can’t TOT.  Simple.  Cute.  Low emotional involvement.  Remember the concept the brain’s job is to survive and thrive and today most people are trying really hard at what brings home the bacon so going on social media is an afterthought.


There is an Instagram concept you should learn:  Your post causes a Like.  Your page causes a Follow.

Remember the other concept that social media is to get people to KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST YOU.

In the cycle … today we’re just getting them to know us.  And part of it is being relatable.

And showing up.  You’re not trying hard to be different.  You want people to feel like they could… they might…. like you.

Ever watch at teenager scroll through Instagram on their phone? It’s hella fast.

So at this point your goal is to


and be in the feed.  Who cares if they like you or not but an easy like for a “cute” photo isn’t a big emotional investment to ask from anyone.

So find that cute photo today and post it.

If you missed yesterday’s post – go back to it because I share how to find the right hashtags.

And if you want a few sample personas of your readers I share them below as follows:

  • Playdate Planner : A mom with a young child under 6 years age.  Their whole lives revolve around a hectic schedule of playdates, naps and playgrounds.  This mom doesn’t have that much time but sometimes when she’s at the grocery line she’ll mindlessly surf her phone and log into social media.
  • Bestie and Supporter: Your Instagram friends that always show up for your posts.  They never really click through to read your blog though – they are just there to pass time on Instagram.
  • A Future Dog Parent:  Doesn’t own a dog.  They are just trying to decide what and when.  Meanwhile they love your dog not necessarily because of you but because they are trying to analyze what your dog might be like in their lives.  They are open for advice AFTER they get their dog.
  • A Loyal Dog Parent:  Pretty much on  your wavelength but they would rather get advice from you because they trust you.
  • Top Executive:  She has no time.  She’s busy working.  She uses Postmates for everything.  The only things she never gives up is Yoga time.  And when she wants a recommendation she knows where and from whom to get it.
  • The Instagram Dog Moms: They have ZERO intentions in ever listening to your advice.  They just want to be part Instagram and take photos for the “gram”.
  • The Unseen:  You have no idea who they are but they are there on your page – you just want to figure out how to get them to engage.

Everyone is focused on Followers and Likes.  That’s what’s obvious.  I’m always trying to figure out who the Unseen is.

In the analytics they are the ones that are in the “Impressions” and “Reach” data categories less who engaged with you.

This is the majority of your “viewers”.

These are the quiet lurkers to your page who either visit you all the time or occasionally but they are the ones that click through and the ones that buy.

Who are they?  Why don’t they talk to me.  Or when they do …. how can I learn more about them?

When we’re starting out – it’s all a hypothesis.  We may have personas for who we think is engaging with our content but what we want to shift to is understanding who the Unseen are – and who is going to be buying our content either through the links to our affiliates or any products we sell ourselves.

Instagram Stories is where authenticity rules

The key thing to Instagram Stories is to give our viewers an insider’s look to how you live your life.

Instagram stories are where you can be real, unfiltered and raw.

The other thing about Instagram stories is that comments are not public so there are viewers that will comment as a DM reply to a story but never onto your post because they love that privacy.

It’s also where you can ask questions to your viewers.  A few content points:

  • If you use a video – have the subject matter within the first 4 seconds.  Attention spans are short so trim videos so the “reward” for watching it happens quickly
  • Photos with captions typed over it do really well
  • Try to shoot for 2 to 3 story posts a day
  • Visit the feeds of those that are viewing your stories to learn more about who they are from their own pages.  Also because Stories are the only place you can actually see VIEWERS as opposed to likers and commenters.  In a way you’re tapping into your Unseen audience.  A sample of those that consume your content but never tell you.  Some of these accounts might be also liking your posts but it’s always interesting to scan that list to see if there are any new accounts I’ve never seen before.



  • Content you post should focus on trying to be relatable and likable
  • Simple content that is VERY easy to consume should be reserved for Tuesdays.  Tuesday’s are slower days on Social Media – attention spans are short.
  • Still create stories, and try to learn more about who your viewers are
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By MaggieLovesOrbit, October 21, 2018
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