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Instagram Challenge Day 6

  • October 21, 2018
  • By MaggieLovesOrbit
Instagram Challenge Day 6


Let’s look back at key goals on Instagram.  Our goal is

  • To EARN our reader’s attention and get them to engage
  • To understand that our readers have lives so we need to understand how we can fit into it
  • To understand WHO our readers are
  • To strategically engage on Instagram so that we can efficiently target our readers
  • To deliver our blog content at least once a week
  • We are constantly striving for our readers to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST us

Friday through Sunday you need to LIVE YOUR BRAND

What is it about you, your dogs, your family, your life, and your blog that make you unique.  Tell that story.

Who is the human behind the account?  You need to feature yourself more even if it is in stories.

What is life like to live in your home?  Share that in your stories.

What are the experiences you create with your dog?  Share those posts and stories.

People buy WHO you are, not WHAT you are selling

When we are asking people to click through our blog posts we’re in essence selling something even if it’s to get them to click through.

They don’t click through because of WHAT you do.  You may have the BEST blog out there but they won’t click through if they don’t know WHO you are and if they don’t KNOW, LIKE OR TRUST you.

So this is when we relax, and share more of who we are as people.

Underlying how you wrap your story – I have found that distilling who you are into simple themes work.

For example the story and conversations between Maggie and Orbit – are really stories about sisterhood and family.

The reflective posts I write from myself, are really about courage and hope.

The travel stories we share … are really stories about adventure.

The very few DIY posts are really stories about effort and achievement.

So when you share your story irregardless of if it’s in your gallery or stories or IGTV …. think about … what is the core theme you are sharing?

Because when we do that and share who we authentically are … people are then given permission to share who they are …. with you.

Certainly we’ve grown our account because of other tactics and photos and videos but at the very core… the ability to connect with the reader’s souls and minds are what matter the most.

It’s been such a pleasure to share this 6 day Instagram journey with you.  Thank you for reading.

Blogger's challenge for Instagram
By MaggieLovesOrbit, October 21, 2018
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