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La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood CA [Dog Friendly]

  • June 8, 2018
  • By MaggieLovesOrbit
La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood CA [Dog Friendly]

A Dog Friendly Guide to 24 Hours in West Hollywood, CA

West Hollywood, known as WeHo on the west side of Los Angeles is a colorful destination to visit for eating, shopping and strolling.

We selected the newest Kimpton – La Peer Hotel to be our home base for a 24 hour stay in June.

The most walkable neighborhood

Tucked between famed Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard La Peer Hotel is located on a quiet street.  Close to everything you want to see, but tucked in enough that you cannot hear the noise of the neighborhood.

Art, music, fashion, poetry, film and architecture intertwine

“Unbuttoned Luxury” is the how Kimpton describes La Peer Hotel.  It wasn’t until the next morning that it all made sense to me. The neutral grey and white palate is quietly accessorized with plants (ferns and palms), art, and art structures.  There are curved columns in the lounge, leather walls, and in some way – it does make you feel as if the designer has taken elements from someone’s fine wardrobe.

It’s in the details

Only chic hotels will think of small details.   There was a cart in the lobby, and on it, instead of spirits and cocktails was your choice of unique candles and fragrances.   We were only there for 24 hours but I made a mental note to explore this bar further the next time we visited.

The room

We stayed in a spacious magically lit room with two queen beds.   Simple, elegant and plush. La Peer provided a dog bed and dog bowls.  They actually offered to provide us three beds but truth be told our pups snuggle with us so we only asked for one. We also received a very nice welcome amenity.  It took us three ours to drive from San Diego to West Hollywood, so we devoured the chocolate and stopped at the last minute to take a quick photo.  We shared the berries with the pups.

La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood CA [Dog Friendly]

We were a bit hungry so we went down to their lounge to order the best caesar salad I have had for a very long time.  Orbit decided to try to sneak a taste when I wasn’t looking.

La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood CA [Dog Friendly]

Digital Concierge

About a week ago I had stayed at the Santa Barabara Kimpton.  They had just installed the digital concierge.  And it was in place and in use at La Peer. In essence it’s a new way in communicating proactively with their guests via text. I happen to appreciate this method of communication especially when you are on the go in a busy urban location. On our way out to our event, the staff from La Peer reached out to us and offered to make dinner reservations.  Although we didn’t need it, I was able to find out that the restaurant wouldn’t close until 11pm so that we could catch a late night bite before bed.


Juice bar

You know you’re a healthy person when the juice bar fascinates you.  When we took our pups out for their morning business, we stopped by the lobby coffee and juice bar.  We sampled these small juice power shots (orange, turmeric and possibly ginger).  In fact we had two.


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Once we got back to the room, we got ready for the morning.  The pups played and we ordered room service.

In case you’re wondering – yes we gave them a corner piece of our bacon.


It was a fairly warm day in West Hollywood while we were there.  We walked around to take photos but our time was abbreviated.  Our pups tend to overheat so we kept the outings short.   Orbit had a fun time playing with Leo [find his Instagram via this LINK]


Places to explore with your dog in West Hollywood

We ate all our meals at the hotel and loved every single bite.

I also include an article to the best Instagram Walls for you to visit during your stay.  In addition you can look up the Discover LA page on Instagram to get inspiration on places to see.

Or you can do what we did and just enjoy La Peer for as long as you can.


How to reserve La Peer Hotel

I always recommend you book direct.  In doing so you’ll receive the best available rate and package at the time of reservation.  You can reserve your dog friendly hotel room by visiting La Peer’s website directly.

Other highlights

Nightly Wine and Cheese.  The Kimpton brand is known for their nightly wine and cheese social hour.  We didn’t have the opportunity to do this, during this stay but I highly recommend it.  They feature local wine and you’ll have a chance to meet other guests staying at the property.

Essential Oils Menu:  Be sure to ask the concierge about the essential oils menu.

Yoga on the deck:  Each room comes equipped with a yoga mat.  Occasionally they will also have yoga on their rooftop deck.

Viale Dei Romani:  True to style, Kimpton partners with a fine local restaurant. Viale Dei Romani focuses on wood fired seafood, vegetables and handmade pastas.


Our stay was made possible by the Kimpton Hotel.  If you found this article useful, please share it with your friends on your social media or pin it onto your Pinterest Board.

By MaggieLovesOrbit, June 8, 2018
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