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Most Common Instagram Bio Problems (Solutions to fix it)

  • March 11, 2019
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Most Common Instagram Bio Problems (Solutions to fix it)

The most common problems with your Instagram and Solutions and how to fix it

If you are like me you have probably re-written your Instagram bio at least 50 times in the past three years based on the shiniest idea at the moment. I have researched this and found the best recommendations.

So, what is the best way to write your Instagram bio? The best way to write it is so your bio gives your reader a reason to follow you and your posts reconfirm that reason every single time. You are aligned with your brand promise.

The most common Instagram Bio Problems

Like most of us, you want to please everyone. And you know what they say; when you try to please everyone you please no one.

Problem 1. Your Bio is to Broad

Your bio reads like this:
Hi my name is Boss the Boston Terrier and I love adventures. Follow me if you want to see my daily adventures.

The issue is as of the time I wrote this the hashtag #bostonterrier has been used 7.2Million times. Also the hashtag #adventure has been used 80.2 millions times.

The solution

Be more specific about “what kind” of adventures.

An example is our friend @Emmas_wanderlust her bio reads

Adventures of a Boston Terrier living the life an exploring trails near and far


I love how her bio states she’s a trail dog and she eats raw. NOW I know exactly what kind of adventures and since I’m interested in nutrition I also know what she eats.

Instagram bio of an adventure dog

Problem 2. Your Bio doesn’t fit your posts.

There was a time I was being really clever. My bio read “The adventures of two gremlins”.

The problem is …. It didn’t specify WHAT KIND of adventures and… my dogs are not gremlins. So even though I was trying to be creative and clever …. my gallery didn’t fit match the idea of what gremlins do.

Solution.  Write your instagram bio and distill it in one sentence that clearly describes your content.

Problem 3. Your bio doesn’t sell me on what YOU can do for ME

There’s an age old adage in marketing.

What’s In It For Me?

Why should I follow you and what are you going to do for my life?

We have a lot to learn from fitness accounts. Or even nutrition accounts. They are very clear.

Daily Keto Recipes.

Ab exercises you can do at home

7minute simple HIIT exercises to do at home

When I read bios like that … and it’s what I am looking for I hit FOLLOW without hesitation.


Examine and identify why someone would follow you? Ask your closest family friends … how they would describe your account? Can you distill it in a sentence? If someone were to describe your account and you weren’t in the room … how would they describe your content?

And then after you identify what that answer is – Is it in line with your story and what you want to share?

As an example I used to have one of my bios say “Two fun loving Boston terriers living in San Diego”.

But this bio is safe. And it’s too general. I mean … don’t all boston terriers and don’t all dogs want to live a fun loving life?

So that previous statement applies to EVERYONE! And the brush strokes in painting my picture was too broad.  I was playing it safe.  I had to narrow it down.

I thought about what was most important to me. And I also thought about … . what do people come to me for help with all the time? And I finally realized it was the fact that we talk a lot about home cooking, home training games and our pack walks.

So I changed our bio so it reflected that. As of today our bio says

Dog parenting two high energy dogs
? Eat home cooked meals. Brain drain games & weekly packwalks

Our story highlights reaffirm promises we make in our bio and the content we share both on our gallery and stories reflect our (brand) promise.

instagram bio dog mom

My recommendation to you is to trim off the fluff. Identify exactly what you have to offer in your content and say it. People want clarity. They want to know exactly why they should follow you and keep coming back to your daily posts and stories.

Problem 4. You don’t consider how someone will share your content.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. It’s not likes, comments, impressions or reach that makes an impact and grows your account.

It’s shares and saves and website visits.

These actions are when people are signaling:
– Your content is worth saving
– Your content is worth sharing
– Yours content is worth acting on (clicking on the website)

Those are the three metrics I watch.

Solution.  Create content that people want to share and save and act upon.

So you have to ask yourself – does this bio go in one eye and out the other. Or does it signal to the reader – hey this is something I want to “subscribe” to and “follow” because their “daily posts and stories” are worth “sharing, saving, and acting on”

Some other ways to look at your Instagram Bio

What’s your angle?

There are several buckets you can fit into.

Lifestyle accounts: These are the accounts whose lives you escape into. For me it’s @wtfrenchie her dogs are equivalent to the It Girls. They are the It Dogs. They travel. Sleep in hotels. Eat yummy food. Are pampered by their mom. Wear fashionable clothing. They are the IT dogs on Instagram and they have a lifestyle account.

Aesthetically blessed: Just like humans, in each breed … there are dogs that are just perfect representations or ideal representations of a breed. Or you’re a dog model type of account and you’re always wearing the latest and most fashionable outfits.

Recommendations: There are accounts that love to share what it means to be a dog parent. We have that approach with our account on @MaggieLovesOrbit and our bio reflects that.

Humor and Entertainment. In the dog space no one beats @itsdougthepug. He’s the king of Pop Culture and twice a day he publishes posts to prove it.

Instagram Bio of ItsDougThePug

Training Advice: Gary Vaynerchuck is famous for saying serve and give content to your audience and show value. And when you need them to buy they will because you have proven you’re an expert in your area and earned their trust.

One account that has done this for us is @thehikerpup. She’s a trainer that has provided a TON of free content relevant to the areas we are interested in that once I learned she had an online class it took all of 10 seconds for me to get my wallet out to sign up.

Instagram Bio - Training Advice

These are just some examples of how to approach your Instagram Bio.   There are many other ways to serve your audience.  Think about what makes you unique.  Some final notes:

– Don’t copy and paste someone else’s bio. That’s the easy way out. You are unique and there is no one else like you.
– Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can always change it.
– Look at your bio and compare it with your posts and stories and ask yourself … is my bio in alignment with my content?
– Look at your bio and ask yourself – does it answer to your potential follower, “What’s In It for Them?”
– Look at your bio and ask yourself, does it pass the grunt test? Meaning if someone saw your page and had to grunt out a response as to what you’re about, would their description match what you stated in your bio?

These tips will help your readers have clarity not only about what to expect in your posts and stories but give them a reason to follow you.

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By, March 11, 2019
  • 3
  • Rachel
    March 12, 2019

    These are great tips and something I really struggle with. I’ll have to try and redo my bio!

    • Maggie Loves Orbit
      March 12, 2019

      Thank you – glad you read the tips! Hope they do well for you.

  • Jennifer McCallum
    March 16, 2019

    Thank you! I originally wanted to read this post as I am just starting an Instagram account for our new Newfie puppy. But I’m taking away some points that I will definitely use on my pet photography IG profile as well. And now I need to do some thinking about my Newfie’s account….I was totally going to fall into that general/no purpose trap. I like the concept of offering something beyond cute puppy pictures but I’ll have to noodle on what exactly that might be!

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