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I have reached crazy dog lady status

  • July 28, 2016
  • By MaggieLovesOrbit
I have reached crazy dog lady status

I love my Maggie dog so much I had to get her a playmate.  So I got another one…. Orbit.

I talk about them all the time.

They have their own Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler Account.

I probably spend more on them then I do on myself each month.  And they certainly eat better than me.  I bought a one ton HP meat grinder so I can make their own dog food.   They snack on superfoods and other special treats I either make or buy.  Yes I make bone broth for them too.

I read a lot about dog training, socialization and holistic wellness.

And I’ve surrounded myself with other dog lovers too.  Pretty much my life is centered around my dogs.  I always say … it’s a healthier hobby than say fashion and keeping up with the trends.  Shoes get expensive you know

I have reached crazy dog lady status

I have reached crazy dog lady status

I have reached crazy dog lady status

I have reached crazy dog lady status

Out of all the social media platforms, Instagram would have to be my favorite.  On Instagram you can follow whatever interests you.  And conversely you find a tribe of people with similar interests.

Instagram is famous for it’s ability to foster the sense of community and have authentic one on one interactions.

I often get asked how I grew my dogs’ accounts and in all honesty it was a combination of sharing consistent content + finding a group of people to engage with regularly.  I’m a Chatty Cathy online and wow was I ecstatic to find people who loved their dogs as much as they did.  And as a result of using Instagram daily …. their accounts grew.

I already had a base level of knowledge when it came to Instagram.  But I wanted to learn more.  As easy as it was for me to talk about my dogs, I had other accounts I ran for clients and I need to know what other Instagram experts out there knew.

See…to pay my bills, I actually run a digital marketing agency specializing in brand visibility on social media.  I’ve taken several classes here and there but one that was the most effective was offered by Alex Tooby.  She has two classes:

Infamous to Influential: Advanced techniques to grow your Instagram account

Hashtag Hero:  Knowing how to select the right hashtags for maximum exposure

Her classes have been extremely beneficial in my ability to increase the pace of the growth of my Instagram accounts for my clients: HawaiiStory, Vacation.Hawaii, KidsGoHawaii

While the tactics I applied for my dog’s Instagram account were more those I learned in the Hashtag Hero class.

If you’re new to Instagram or want to take it to the next level, I recommend looking into her classes.  She does offer Support Groups through Facebook to help you apply what you have learned.

Alternatively, I started another Instagram page, BarkCommunity to share my own knowledge for organic growth on Instagram.  Tips I share there are outside of what you will learn from her class but beneficial to anyone wanting to learn more about building a community of friends on Instagram.

Anyway – I always get Direct Messages on tips that I was compelled to share my knowledge. Hope this helps.

Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate of Alex Tooby which means I receive compensation when you purchase her classes through the links I’ve posted above.



By MaggieLovesOrbit, July 28, 2016
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