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My secret tool to increase engagement on Instagram

  • September 11, 2017
  • By MaggieLovesOrbit
My secret tool to increase engagement on Instagram

Kind Comments – Genuine and Heartfelt

Instagram held #WWIM16 worldwide this past weekend.  The them was #kindcomments

And it prompted me to write a blog post about the culture of Instagram.  From the beginning they have fostered a culture of #communityfirst and they want people to #postwithintent.  Together we rise together and it’s #communityovercompetition.

Instagram has meant different things to me at each point in my life.  At one point I was on Instagram maybe once or twice a week but this year my time on platform finds me in the platform for hours on end.

I spend a lot of time “looking for my tribe” and a lot of time commenting on other people’s photos.

In marketing this would be considered outbound activity.  Actions I take outside of my page.  And I’m trying to form relationships.

I’m a long form writer … and in the early days I quickly developed thumb cramps (yes it exists).  But about 2 years ago I was gifted a blue tooth keyboard and now I’m able to type and write to my heart’s content.



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The one I have is by Logitech and you can hook up to three devices on it. I have connected my phone and two ipads – it just makes it easier when replying or leaving comments.

Leaving a genuine comment is one way to capture the attention of someone you want to connect with.  And take it from me having a keyboard will make your thumbs happy!

I try to leave at least 40 comments on other peoples accounts a day.  That’s on a slow day.  Sometimes I leave up to 100 comments (I space it out throughout the day and limit my comments per hour to no more than 30 comments per hour) .

Do this repeatedly and you’ll eventually start to form connections.

In our case these connections have gone from online to offline.  Featured above is Kaelin. She’s a celebrity dog trainer with her own book.  You can find her book on Amazon via this link or follow her Instagram.  All links are below.

She joined us at our recent meetup for #WWIM16 to talk about the proper way to introduce dogs.  It was a great day and we’ll post more photos of that event soon!

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By MaggieLovesOrbit, September 11, 2017
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