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The Latest In Joint, Cognitive and Anxiety Supplements For Your Dog

  • August 29, 2020
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The Latest In Joint, Cognitive and Anxiety Supplements For Your Dog

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.

My two have officially grown up! It became ever so apparent when a friend brought her 10 week old puppy over and Maggie and Orbit were clearly behaving like adult dogs next to her.

At five and four years old, they are far from being senior dogs. What they are though are extremely active dogs so keeping them healthy is of utmost priority.

I believe that food is medicine so they both eat balanced home cooked meals. To fortify and fill in any gaps, I turn to supplements to provide additional nutrients to support their mobility and their brains.

So what’s they latest in joint, cognitive and anxiety supplements for your dog? They now come as bars! Thanks to The Anxious Pet they have combined supplements with food and handmade bars with clean simple, natural and organic ingredients like organic flaxseed and organic dates. They do not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

In this review I’ll go over their four different bars and cover:

  • Why Feed Them? The Role Of Each Supplement in Your Dog’s Health
  • Key Active Ingredients
  • How Much Does it Cost?

And then I’ll talk about The Anxious Pet as a brand:

  • What Sets Them Apart?
  • Does It Work For My Dogs?
  • Where to Buy?
  • My Final Verdict
The Latest In Joint, Cognitive and Anxiety Supplements For Your Dog

The Anxious Pet Hip & Hop Supplement Bars

What they are good for? The Role Of Hip and Joint Supplements in Your Dog’s Health

The Hip & Hop supplement bars are great to feed for hip and joint support. And it’s a misconception that you start these when they are old. If your dog is larger, you can start to give hip and joint supplements as early as when they are 12 months old.

Or in my case, when you have extremely active dogs (we do agility and walk up to 20 miles a week) then it’s good practice for preventative maintenance.

  • Healthy Joints: When your dog’s joints are healthy the cartilage acts as a cushion so that the joints can move smoothly through its full range of motion.
  • Aging, deteriorating, or bad joints: Repetitive stress, injury, weight, or disease puts stress on the joints and the cushion of cartilage that was protecting your dog’s joint start to deteriorate.


  • Your dog has a stiffness when they walk that they didn’t use to have before
  • Your dog has decreased range of motion
  • Your dog seems to be more unstable on their legs
  • Cracking sounds from the joints
  • Your dog has difficulty getting up
  • They act like they are in pain when petted or touched
  • They might lose muscle mass over the limbs and spine

Key Active Ingredients

Glucosamine HCI: Glucosamine provides dogs with the building blocks to synthesize new cartilage.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane is an organic sulfur containing compound that is well known for its joint health benefits.

Chondroitin Sulfate (Porcine): Chondroitin neutralizes and blocks destructive enzymes that break down cartilage in the joint. When chondroitin is added to the diet it helps to reduce the level of these destructive enzymes.

Devil’s Claw: A great anti-inflammatory, analgesic and body tonic. This herb helps take pain away quickly while bringing the inflammation down.

Cat’s Claw: An anti-inflammatory, immune modulating herb that works well in joint blends for osteoarthritis and debility.

Organic Turmeric: The best natural anti-inflammatory that nature and medicine has to offer

Willow Bark: Helps with pain and an anti-inflammatory

Yucca Schidigera: Aids in digestion and relieves arthritis pain

How Much Do They Cost?

$20 for a pack of 5. Shipping is included.

The Anxious Pet Bright Idea Supplement Bars

What they are good for? The Role Of Cognitive Support Supplements in Your Dog’s Health

The Bright Idea Supplement Bars promote healthy brain and cognitive function, immune health and increase energy.

  • It may reduce disease, stress and cognitive dysfunction
  • Great for older dogs as they age or supporting training in younger years.

Symptoms you need this for your aging dog:

  • Your older dog seems to be disoriented
  • Your older dog starts to treats members of your family differently all of a sudden
  • Your older dog’s activity level has changed
  • Your older dog is losing control of their bowel or bladder in the house
  • Your dog can’t find their food or water bowl
  • Your older dog seems to be restless

Symptoms you need this for your younger dog:

  • Your dog is going to have a long training session
  • Your dog is going to need to focus for sports activities like scent work or agility
  • Your working dog is going to be herding sheep for the whole day

Key Active Ingredients

Ginseng:  Ginseng contains strong antioxidant components that help the body recover from stress, fatigue and illness.

Folic Acid: Gives your dog more energy. It helps their body produce and maintain new cells and helps prevent changes to DNA that may lead to cancer.

Acetyl L-Carnitine: Its vital function is to “transport long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria (part of the cell which converts fat into energy), so they can be oxidized (“burned”) to produce energy.

L-carnitine: Promotes both healthy weights and energy levels and linked to improved liver function and brain health in dogs.

Schisandra: Well known for “generating fluids”. Schisandra’s reputation as an aid in healthy aging is strengthened by the fact that it has been used for generations to improve memory , resist infections, improve vision and adapt to stress.

How Much Do They Cost?

$20 for a pack of 5. Shipping is included.

The Anxious Pet Relax & Roll Supplement Bars (NO CBD)

What they are good for? The Role Of Calming Supplements in Your Dog’s Health

These bars will help calm your anxious dog. There are different types and levels of anxiety (separation, sound, motion, social as an example).

  • You can feed these prior to car rides, vet visits, social gatherings or fireworks.
  • Basically feed these anytime they are going to feel stressed.

Key Active Ingredients

Ginger Root: Helps to settle their stomach when they have nausea and help decrease vomiting.

St. John’s Wart: Helps to calm your stressed out dog and improve their mood and sleep.

Chamomile: Effective for cases of hyper-excitability and in calming their stomach indigestion, gas or vomiting.

L-Tryptophan: Helps to reduce their stress levels and aggression.

Melatonin: Great for your dog’s anxiety issues, the calming sedative effects will soothe their mood when they are hyperactive, restless, have noise phobias or separation anxiety issues.

The Anxious Pet Relax & Roll Supplement Bars with CBD

The only difference between these bars and the ones above is they have CBD in them.

Active Ingredients

In addition to what is in the non CBD version it has:

Cannabidiol (CBD): 15mg

Adding CBD will help lower your dog’s anxiety and help them calm down.


Full Spectrum CBD: This means that these are are formulated with the whole hemp plant so that your dog can get the full benefits of CBD.

Calms Nerves. The CBD in these bars will help soothe your pup’s nervous system so that they can relax from whatever is stressing them out like a long road trip.

The Latest In Joint, Cognitive and Anxiety Supplements For Your Dog

What Sets The Anxious Pet’s Supplement Bars Apart?

Oftentimes the supplements for hip and joints come in powder or pill form.

  • The Anxious Pet has been able to provide these supplements in bar form. The advantage is now they are mobile, and delicious for your dog to eat.
  • I love that the bars are produced in a Certified Current Good Manufacturing Facility in Kansas, USA.
  • They are veterinarian formulated so I can have peace of mind.
  • Clean, simple, natural and organic ingredients like organic flaxseed and organic dates. They do not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  • Shipping is free when you live in the US
  • And they offer you 60 days to try out their products. If you don’t love them, you can return them, no questions asked.

Does It Work For My Dogs?

I gave Maggie and Orbit the Bright Idea Supplement Bars before agility. We’ve been practicing this sport for a year now and our agility instructor said we had the best week yet!

As for the Relax and Roll Supplement Bars, I tried one on Maggie before a family trip to Los Angeles. Normally she’s the hyperactive, stressed out dog in the car. On this particular trip she was happy to relax in her bed as opposed to panting and pacing during the road trip.

I didn’t think that I would have a need for the Hip and Joint Supplement Bars but I did feed them to my two after a six mile beach hike from La Jolla Shores up to the Glider Port one low tide morning. Although the effects were not obvious to me, I knew that their joints were silently thanking me.

Where to Buy

You can purchase your own five pack of bars directly on their website: The Anxious Pet.

The Final Verdict

Taking care of my dogs so that they live longer and healthier lives is of utmost importance to me.

Equally important is to only feed them products that I believe in. The Anxious Pet is located in San Diego, CA (my home town) and use third party companies to certify their products.

They offer clean and organic solutions so I have peace of mind that I’m not polluting my dog’s bodies with unnecessary or artificial ingredients.

I trust their company, their veterinarian backed formulations and wouldn’t hesitate to feed these bars to my dogs as well as recommend them to my friends of family.

I invite you to research them and try them out for your dogs.


Hannah Zulueta and her two dogs Maggie and Orbit

Hello, my name is Hannah and I dance with my dogs.

I am a Boston Terrier Breed Advocate.  I started this blog because there isn’t enough space to tell our story on our Instagram.

My mission is to bring Boston Terrier dog parents the best, most accurate information to help your dogs live happier, healthier lives.

I have two Boston Terriers of my own. Maggie is my socially awkward heart dog while Orbit is my shadow and soul dog.

You won’t read about cats here, but you will get a fairly large dosage of articles dedicated to this wonderful breed to help you learn more about them or provide practical tips as you raise your own. Read more about us.

By, August 29, 2020
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