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Work With Us

Work With Us

Who We Are

Maggie Loves Orbit is a dog parenthood blog that focuses on dog health and wellness, socialization and reviews.

We are trying to be the best dog parents possible and the questions I have are:

Does what I’m doing enhance the life of my dogs?
Does what we’re doing strengthen our bonds?

This blog is an extension of our Instagram account MaggieLovesOrbit where we share daily anecdotes about life with dogs.  Through high quality photography and humor, we build have formed friendships and a community with other dog owners who are interested in a healthier lifestyle with their dogs and strengthening the bonds between them.

Instagram Stats (as of July 2018)

  • 850K Monthly Impressions
  • 215K Monthly Reach
  • 9K Monthly Profile Views

We also have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and YouTube.

We also have a verified following from FOHR.  A snapshot of our followers are below and if you are a brand can visit this link to sign up to see detail behind our followers, demographics, income level and interests: MaggieLovesOrbit on FOHR


Minimum campaign – 2 posts + 3 InstaStories.  We believe that one off posts are not effective in getting your story out to our audience and recommend we sit down and create a more integrative campaign for you.

I only work with brands and advertisers that I believe in.  Living a well lived life with my dogs, and providing the best for them is priority number 1.  I also know that our audience and readers have the same commitment to their dogs.  I would only provide recommendations that I can vouch for.

Prior to working together requires that we try and sample your product for at least a month so I can monitor how well it enhances the wellness of our two Bostons.

That means that the products and services you offer are in line with what we use or would use.  Please take the time to review our page on Instagram and read our blog to determine there is a fit.  We are only interested in when we can authentically endorse your brand because we believe in you.

If you’re looking for a one off campaign – boosting posts on Facebook or Instagram would be a better option for you.

But if you’re looking for an in depth, memorable and engaging campaign and there is a fit between your company and our dogs, then we can work with you.

How the process works:

We’d start off by getting to know your values, mission and product benefits.  And we’d develop a campaign that tells the story of how we use the product and the benefits it adds our dogs and to our family.

Telling the “story” is of utmost importance to us.  It should fit well within your company’s objectives and mesh well with our daily lives.  First and foremost we are a dog family.  And we put our audience first.  We work with products and/or companies we believe in.  When you work with us you’re getting visual stories for dog parent/family consumers by dog parent/family consumers.

The campaign will be broadcasted on the various social media platforms we participate in.

We only work with a few brands at a time and space fills up.  If you’d like to set up a call to explore the options available, contact us via the link in our Instagram profile or send and email to hello(at)maggielovesorbit(dot)com.

Modeling Opportunities

From time to time, when the fit makes sense; Maggie and Orbit are available for dog modeling opportunities.

Product Giveaways and Reviews

We handle these on a case by case basis.  Due to the paid sponsorships we provide, space for product giveaways are limited to only those items that focus on dog wellness.   Also we prefer to build a campaign that we can feature more than once.  A one off campaign will not have the return you are looking for.   A lot of time and effort goes into crafting blog articles, photography and posts and we are unable to to do “free product for exposure” campaigns.  We can however discuss on a rare occasion the equivalent value in products or services.   In these cases we would involve a giveaway to our audience.  We value the time they take to read our reviews and as such want to engage them and show appreciation for them.

Contact Us:

You can email us at hello(at)maggielovesorbit(dot)com

You can also learn more about me via my Linked In Profile:  Hannah Zulueta

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