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What we believe

We believe dogs are family.  They are weaved into our daily lives and our world is a shared place.  Daily life includes our dogs, no matter the activity or the destination.  We believe in nurturing this relationship.  We honor the language of dogs.  We value respecting them as our canine companions over anything else.  For us a shared life is an inspired life.

Journey from Pet Owner, to Pet Guardian, to Pet Parenthood

I want my dogs to live the best lives possible.  They bring so much joy into our lives that providing the best care for them is an even exchange.  I didn’t use to be like this.  My first dog I was a normal “Pet Owner”.  I basically attended to its food, water, and shelter.  I went to the store, picked the prettiest looking dog food and fed my dog the kibble that was on sale.  As I got older I evolved to become a “Pet Guardian”.  I was interested in improved nutrition, grooming, the dog had free reign to the house, and I purchased toys from the local pet store.

My journey in my relationship with my dogs has now evolved to become where I see myself more as a “Pet Parent”.  I am engaged whole heartedly with their lives and caring for them.  I want to understand WHY things are as they are and HOW I can make it better.   Our social activities include them.  Or our social activities are because of them.  And I’m learning as I go and sharing that journey here.  I think the main thrust was when I first lost my first Boston and then Maggie, my second Boston Terrier developed allergy symptoms.  So now as I raise them, I’m interested in:

  • Optimizing the best nutrition for each of my dogs
  • Natural and Holistic health
  • Toys that enrich them
  • Socialization and training to uncover the “dog”
  • Maximizing dog friendly San Diego

Now these girls didn’t come with a manual.  And I with the plethora of resources available to us I’m just learning as I’m going.  Here you’ll find us sharing what we’re learning and a ton of photos too.

I consider myself to be Today’s Modern Dog Mom.  I thoughtfully think about their care and I am focused on nurturing our human-dog bond.

I respect that we all come for varying backgrounds, with different lifestyles.  And all I aim to do is … ask a little bit more … look at things from a different perspective in the care of our dogs.

I love our community.   I draw strength and friendship from it.  We’re often walking with our local dog friends or co-hosting Dog Pack Walks.

When I’m not posting about my two Bostons, I craft digital stories for brands online and on social media.  My company website can be found via

About the Dogs

Maggie was born May 21, 2015:  Quirky, goofy and very very smart.  We brought her home when she was 8 weeks.  Quick to learn but on the opposite of that … can sometimes blow you off when she decides to do her own thing like follow her nose at the park.

Orbit was born January 29, 2016: Confident, sweet and endearing.  She was 14 weeks by the time she came home.  Between the two she’s the more mellow pup, loves to play with her sister Maggie and would take belly rubs from you all day.

Zoey July 25 2011 to May 5, 2015: Our first Boston Terrier.  13 pounds in weight but she thought she was over 100 pounds of dog.  Super alpha.  Self assured and so affectionate at the same time.  We were the original pack of three and she was the original gremlin.  No longer with us on this earth but waiting for us when we get to heaven!

They are both Boston Terrier dogs residing in San Diego.

Maggie at about 12 or 13 weeks.


Zoey about about 16 weeks.  2010.


Zoey with Jason



Maggie and Orbit.  Photo was taken May 2016.



  • Melissa
    December 30, 2017

    Hi. I have raised 2 bostons. Lauren and Bella. They were like my daughters!!! I’m am deciding to get another Boston again. Originally I had gone to a breeder who is not around anymore. Where did you find your seeeties? Was wondering if you could help direct me. Thank you. ???-Melissa

    • MaggieLovesOrbit
      January 26, 2018

      Hi Melissa – with the holidays I realized I missed your comment. I joined my local Boston Terrier Club in San Diego and from there I was able to learn from club members who was having puppies. I also started to go to dog shows to meet breeders too. It took almost half a year to get a referral because you have to wait for someone to have a puppy

  • Jessica
    April 1, 2018

    Hi! We’ll be getting our first Boston Terrier within a few weeks. I’ve been reading and follow you and the girls on IG. Any suggestions? products we should have before she comes home? I notice that you keep them on a specific diet, any tips for that? All the info will help!
    Thank you!

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