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Why Does My Boston Terrier Like To Sleep Under Blankets?

  • November 19, 2021
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Why Does My Boston Terrier Like To Sleep Under Blankets?

I’ve had three Boston Terriers. One has her angel wings, and the other two are young adult pups. And out of the three, two prefer sleeping under the covers.  

I always wondered why they do this.  

And while there are limited scientific papers on this topic, here’s what I found out.  

Why Do Boston Terriers Love To Sleep Under The Blankets?

Boston Terriers have a smooth short coat. Naturally, this means they are more exposed to the elements. Couple that with their internal body temperature dictates if they sleep over or under the covers. Bostons that run hot like to sleep over the covers, and those that run cold love to burrow.  

But Can They Breath?

I know. I know. We Boston Terrier parents love these smooshy faced gremlins. And all the sounds they make.

And a common concern is if they can breathe while they are under the blankets.

Rest assured they can. 

Even when they fart under the blankets (this one always perplexed me) they will stay under there and not come up for air.  

But if you worry about them, simply rearrange the blanket so their heads are poking out under there.  

Some Boston Terriers Run Cold

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), every human and animal has a specific Constitution. Before modern medicine, Eastern practitioners developed a keen sense of observation of how internal bodies are influenced by what is happening externally.

And quite simply, some dogs run hot, while others run cold.

The two Bostons I have that liked to sleep under the covers ran cold. They sought out the sunniest parts of the yard to sun bathe, and loved wearing sweaters during our colder months. 

When it comes to food, they are more sensitive to warming foods like chicken, turkey, lamb and venison to name a few. 

And they love to snuggle on the sofa with me when I have the blanket out.   

Unlike Other Breeds It’s Not a “Burrowing” Behavior

Some breeds were born to hunt animals that live in small underground tunnels. They are ingrained to enter closely confined spaces.  

That’s not the case with our Boston Terriers.  

A Boston Terrier’s Instinct Is To Be Close To You

Boston Terriers were bred to be companion dogs. Being close to you, near you, touching you, seeing you and being your ultimate best friend is what they do best.

And so sleeping next to you is what they prefer and… for those that run cold they will do so under the covers.  

85% of Boston Terriers Like To Sleep Under The Blankets Too 

In an informal study presented to a group of over 80,000 Boston Terriers, of which I received several hundred answers, I learned that this is common to our lovable breed and 85% of Boston Terriers out there love to sleep under the blankets too

Should I Get A Cave Bed For My Boston Terrier?

Note: Some links in this article are affiliate links (Amazon Associates or other programs I participate in). At no charge to you, as an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  

I’ve had my eye on a few cave beds on Amazon. It has an attached blanket which I would imagine mimics the feeling of sleeping under the covers in bed.  

Cozy Cuddler Hooded Cave Bed

And it looks appealing to me I often find that “sleeping under the covers” only happens at night.  

During the day or after dinner my under the covers at night Boston prefers to sleep on top of the blankets.  

Get a Snuggly Blanket Instead

If you’re on the fence for a cave bed, consider a snuggly blanket instead.  

I got this blanket two holidays ago and my dogs go absolutely bonkers for it. It’s definitely only for the colder months but they immediately come to snuggle when I pull it out.  

Best Sherpa Blanket To Share With Your Boston Terrier

Another option my Bostons love is this adorable petal bed that I piled cozy blankets in.

They absolutely love to get in it, dig a bit to rearrange the bedding to their liking, and with a few circular rotations they will gladly settle in for their name.

If There’s Only Three Things To Remember

  • In an informal study 85% of Boston Terriers like to sleep under the blanket. 
  • It’s safe for them to do this. 
  • When it’s during the daytime they a soft snuggly blanket is the next best thing.  
Why Does My Boston Terrier Like To Sleep Under Blankets?




Hannah Zulueta and her two dogs Maggie and Orbit

Hello, my name is Hannah, and learning about Boston Terriers and canine nutrition has become my life’s work. 

As a certified Canine Nutritionist, I turn to food to keep my dogs vibrant and healthy and prefer to raise them and myself naturally.

I started this blog because there isn’t enough space to write on our Instagram.

My mission is to equip Boston Terrier owners and dog owners alike with the knowledge I have so that your dog will live a longer life and better health.

I have two dogs Maggie and Orbit who have both suffered from allergies and yeast infections but are now healthy, thriving and symptom-free.

By, November 19, 2021
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